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Applied Physics

The Applied Physics major consists of (a) ten course foundation, which provides a firm grounding in the concepts and procedures of physics; (b) a choice of four technical electives that allows students to focus their studies on a particular aspect of the science; and (c) an optional research course. The ten course foundation consists of: PS131, 132, 231, 242; MA170-180, 210, 220, 310; and CS111. The four technical electives must be chosen, in consultation with the student's departmental advisor, from any physics courses with a number above 240 or from the following list of courses offered by other departments: CH130, CH131, CH280, CH281, and CS112.

Course Sequence

Freshman Year
Humanities I Humanities II
Freshman English 103 Freshman English 104
Mathematics 170 Mathematics 180
Physics 131 Physics 132
Language Langauge
Sophomore Year
Humanities III Humanities IV
Philosophy/Theology Philosophy/Theology
Physics 231 Mathematics 220
Mathematics 210 Elective
Language Language
Junior Year
Philosophy/Theology Philosophy/Theology
Computer Science 111 Technical Elective
Mathematics 310 Physics 242
Elective Elective
Technical Elective Elective
Senior Year
Philosophy/Theology Philosophy/Theology
Elective Technical Elective
Elective Elective
Elective Elective
Technical Elective Research/Elective