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Engineering Science

This minor provides a foundation in Engineering Science. Students are introduced to the physics background of engineering through two foundational courses, Classical Physics I (Newtonian Physics, Fluid, and Thermodynamics) and Classical Physics II (Electromagnetism and Optics). All students in the minor must take Dynamics, which is an intermediate level course in the application of Newton's Laws to engineering systems. Students then must choose three intermediate level courses to become familiar with the analytical methods used in different types of engineering.

Required Courses

  • PS131: Classical Physics I
  • PS132: Classical Physics II
  • PS 242: Dynamics

Select three courses from the following:

  • PS231: Modern Physics
  • PS241: Statics
  • PS243: Strength of Materials
  • PS346: Electrical Circuits
  • PS346: Thermodynamics
  • PS347: Fluid Dynamics

Prerequisites: Many of the courses listed for this minor require prerequisites in the Mathematics Department. Please check the catalogue for details