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Things to think about when choosing a short term study abroad program:

Reflect on your reasons for studying abroad, what you're looking for in a location, and what you are hoping to gain from the experience (e.g. language acquisition, internship experience, resume building, cultural experience, personal development, etc.).  Consider the dates of the short term program  and the length of the program - winter break programs usually run for two weeks while summer programs can last anywhere from two to six weeks with some programs lasting the entire summer.

Learn about your country/countries of interest. Do you know anything about the people, government, cities, culture, religion....??  Knowing a little more about locations will help you to make an educated decision about your study abroad destination.

Reflect on the type of university setting you want to study at. What size institution do you want to study at? Housing- do you want to live in an apartment, a residence hall or a homestay?  Is a having a meal plan important to you?

Look over study abroad programs that are of interest to you. Call the study abroad provider and speak with their program managers. These are the people that you will turn to regarding all of your site-specific questions.  Ask them questions about the overseas location so that you can learn more about your options and decide which one will fit your interests best.   

Learn about what types of courses are offered. Look at the programs that are of interest to you and what courses each program offers.  Please Note:  This step can be difficult to fully grasp and may require the assistance of the Study Abroad Office.

Go to the study abroad provider's website to get the most up-to-date information on course offerings.  Call the provider's program manager if you are having difficulty accessing current course offerings. 

Do your homework! Finding the right study abroad destination and school requires some research on your part.

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