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Undeclared Advising Team

If you enter Saint Anselm College as an undeclared major, you are advised by the director of academic advisement or a member from the Undeclared Advising Team

The Undeclared Advising Team are members of the faculty knowledgeable about the issues and concerns of students who have not yet selected a major.

NameDepartmentRoom No.
Prof. Bede BidlackTheology222 Bradley House
Mr. Mac BroderickFinancial AidAlumni Hall (lower level)
Prof. Erik ClevenPolitics3002 NHIOP
Prof. Mary Kate DonaisChemistry2112 Goulet Science Center
Prof. Nicole EyetChemistry2113 Goulet Science Center
Prof. Julia FeldhausModern Languages87 Alumni Hall
Prof. Sarah GlennPhilosophy215 Bradley House
Ms. Sarah GoolkasianStudy AbroadCushing Center (upper level)
Fr. Benedict GuevinTheology225 Bradley House
Dr. Anne HarringtonAcademic AdvisementCushing Center (upper level)
Prof. Ward HolderTheology216 Bradley House
Prof. Kyle HubbardPhilosophy221 Bradley House
Prof. Thomas LarsonPhilosophy214 Bradley House
Mrs. Nicole MattiaMeelia CenterCushing Center (lower level)
Prof. James MahoneyPhilosophy303 Bradley House
Prof. Maria McKennaPsychology3405 Goulet Science Center
Prof. Andrew MooreHistory307 Joseph Hall
Prof. Sean ParrFine Arts109 Alumni Hall, South
Prof. Ahida PilarskiTheology218 Bradley House
Prof. Stephen SheaMathematics208 Bradley House
Prof. Tauna SiscoSociology4 Bradley House
Prof. Sara SmitsSociology2 Bradley House
Prof. Patricia SullivanTheology228 Bradley House
Prof. Jennifer ThornEnglish126 Bradley House
Prof. Carol TraynorComputer Science205 Poisson Hall
Mr. Kenneth WalkerAcademic Resource CenterCushing Center (lower level)
Prof. Adam WenzelPsychology3602 Goulet Science Center
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