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Institutional Scholarships

Scholarships and Non-Need-Based Aid

Saint Anselm offers many scholarships and awards that are based on your academic achievement, demonstrated leadership skills, or other criteria. You will be considered for these renewable scholarships based on your admission application. Please refer to the financial aid section of the College Catalog for a complete listing of scholarships.

College Policy Concerning Merit or Non-Need-Based Awards

You may receive more than one non-need based grant or scholarship not to exceed the cost of tuition. If you apply for need-based aid they will become a part of your need-based package according to institutional parameters.

We encourage you to apply for all resources that you can.

  • All scholarships and other non-need-based awards will be renewable annually provided you maintain the grade point average designated by each program.
  • All merit and non-need-based awards will be offered for a maximum of four years.
  • Your scholarship/grant will be incorporated into your total need-based financial aid package, not offered in addition to it.

Chancellor Honors Scholarship (up to $21,000)

Saint Anselm College Office of Admission offers Chancellor Scholarships to highly qualified students in each freshman class. These awards are offered in amounts of up to $20,000 per year. As a Chancellor Scholar you are invited to join the Honors Program. You may keep your scholarship as long as you maintain a 2.6 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) at Saint Anselm. The scholarship amount listed here is based on a student's residency status of on-campus. The amount will be reduced if a student's residency status changes to off-campus or commuter.

Other Merit Scholarships (up to $17,000)

Saint Anselm College Office of Admission Offers various merit scholarships  to talented students. All scholarships are awarded for a maximum of eight semesters. 

The scholarship amounts listed here are based on a student’s residency status of on-campus. The amounts will be reduced if a student’s residency status changes to off-campus or commuter.  

  • Presidential Scholarship (up to $17,000) - Students must maintain a 2.4 CGPA to retain the scholarship
  • Dean's Scholarship (up to $10,000) - Students must maintain a 2.2 CGPA to retain the scholarship
  • Abbey Scholarship ($7,000) - Students must maintain a 2.0 CGPA to retain the scholarship

Family Grant

A family with two (or more) children concurrently enrolled as matriculated full-time Saint Anselm students will receive a Family Grant. A $6,000 grant is provided for each sibling beyond the first (i.e. $6,000 for two siblings, $12,000 for three siblings, etc.). The grant is divided equally between siblings.

Talent Achievement Awards

The College sets aside a limited amount of merit-based funds for students who demonstrate strong academic ability, leadership skills, outstanding community service, a special talent, or other personal strengths and accomplishments. These merit awards are granted for achievement, not financial need. Recipients are selected by the admission committee in concert with other college community members.

Endowed and Corporate Partners Scholarships

Saint Anselm has received many gifts for scholarship assistance from alumni, corporations, and friends of the college. Students receive these need-based scholarships based on academic, leadership, and other criteria. There is no separate application. They are awarded to students as part of their need-based financial aid package.

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