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Forming A New Club or Group

Are we missing something? Here are the five simple steps to forming a new student club or group (don't worry, it's easy!)

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    Active Student Clubs

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    Abbey Players

    The Anselmian Abbey players, the Saint Anselm College drama group, regularly offers plays and musicals throughout the year and offers students an excellent opportunity to participate in and to learn all phases of theatre production. Typical annual productions include the Family Weekend show, a night of one act plays, a spring semester musical, and scenes from Shakespearian plays.

    Alpha Lambda Delta

    Alpha Lambda Delta is a national honor society to honor excellent academic achievement by students in their first year of study in higher education. The chapter was established at Saint Anselm College the spring semester of 2015.  The purpose of this society is to promote academic achievement, leadership and service early in the students' collegiate experience, as well as to encourage intelligent living, a continued high standard of learning, and a vision for meaningful societal roles and contributions throughout the student's career.Affiliated with the Dean of the College and Dean of Students Office

    • Advisors: Dean Karlea Brunelle-Joiner and Dean Anne Harrington
    • Faculty Advisor: Dean Christine Gustafson

    Alpha Phi Omega

    The purpose of this organization is to assemble Saint Anselm College students in a national service group in the fellowship of principles derived from the Scout Oath and Law of the Boy Scouts of America; to develop leaders, friendship, and provide service to humanity; and to further freedom that is our national, educational, and intellectual heritage.

    Art Society

    The purpose of this organization is to raise an appreciation for art on our campus and to bring together students with this common interest. In addition to showcasing student talent and artwork at several art shows over the year, the club participates in museum trips, movie nights of films which have outstanding artwork and design, and collaborating with other groups on campus to promote community awareness and a better appreciation for the arts.
    • Advisor: Katherine Bentz


    Best Budies


    Campus Activities Board (CAB)

    The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is one of seven committees of the student government and is the primary coordinator of entertainment and events for the student body. The board consists of five sub committees: coffee shop, promotions, special events, and trips and travel. These committees program regular performers, comedians, musicians, trips, give-aways, and special events such as Welcome Back Week, Christmas with CAB, Winter Week, and Party Your Classes Off.

    Chamber Music Ensemble

    The purpose of the Chamber Music Ensemble is to bring together Saint Anselm's students, faculty, staff, monastic and alumni amateur musicians interested in playing chamber-style music, and to represent Saint Anselm College at musical functions in Manchester, NH and the surrounding area.

    Chemistry Club

    This club affords an opportunity for students of chemical science the opportunity to become better acquainted, to secure the intellectual stimulation that arises from professional association, to obtain experience in preparing and presenting technical material before chemical audiences, to foster a professional spirit among the members, to instill a professional pride in the chemical sciences, and to foster awareness of the responsibilities and challenges of the modern chemist.


    The Saint Anselm College Choir, the college's official choral group, is one of the most-loved activities on campus. The 80 student auditioned group practices on Mondays and Wednesdays and sings at the Sunday 7 pm liturgy every week of the school year, and on special occasions such as the Masses for the opening of the school year, Family Weekend, Nurses' Pinning, Confirmation and the Baccalaureate Mass (the weekend of graduation). In addition, the choir performs two concerts each year: DecemberSong (an Advent-Christmas program), and the spring concert in April. For more information, including audition information, please see the choir website.

    Classics Society

    The Classics Society is open to all students who express an interest in Greek or Roman culture. The society's main purpose is to offer its members an opportunity to learn more about classical civilization and the classical tradition through lectures, films, discussion groups, museum trips, and various social events. In addition, the Classics Society organizes and sponsors the annual campus-wide intramural Quiz Bowl competition. Affiliated with the Classics Department

    The Crier Newspaper

    The Saint Anselm Crier is the college's independent student newspaper, published bi-weekly. The objective of the paper is to provide a medium for information within the Saint Anselm community. Information is presented as unbiased and consistent with journalistic measure. The newspaper also provides a forum for the free exchange of students' ideas.

    Criminal Justice Club

    The organization's focus is based entirely on the student interest within Criminal Justice. The organization sponsors many speakers and lecturers from the local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. The organization hosts an annual Criminal justice Career Fair on campus.


    Dance Club

    The purpose of this student organization is to provide interested students with an outlet for expression and education in dance. The club performs at various campus activities including sporting events and talent shows.

    Daughters of Isabella

    Debate Society

    The Debate Society is a member of the Cross-Examination Debate Association (CEDA). Qualified debaters also have the opportunity to be admitted to Delta Sigma Rho Tau Kappa Alpha, the debate honor society.

    College Democrats

    The purpose of the Saint Anselm College Democrats is to promote and create an awareness of the political issues of our nation, state, city, and campus; stimulate greater familiarity with the American political system, develop interest in these aforementioned objects, and to encourage active and regular involvement in the Democratic party and in decision making within that party at all levels of government.


    Education Club

    The society's purpose is to promote the awareness of the education field. Further, the society aims to provide a means for the exchange of ideas; to provide academic and social interaction for the members, and to aid the Anselmian community in furthering their awareness of and participation in education-related endeavors and activities.
    Affiliated with the Education Department


    Field Hockey Club

    The purpose of the club is to enhance the women's sports programs by offering an opportunity for both experienced and novice players to participate in field hockey. The club will also be involved in teaching basic skills involved in field hockey while improving those skills of experienced players. We will be recognized as a club sport by Saint Anselm College and by other competing colleges.

    Finance Club

    This organization has an interest in all areas of finance in the modern world.

    French Club (La Societe Francaise)

    The French Club provides the Saint Anselm College community with the opportunity to participate in French culture-oriented activities. Although no language skills are required for membership, the activities provide an ideal atmosphere for those who would like to utilize and further develop their language skills. Affiliated with the Modern Languages Department
    • Advisor: Prof. Nicole Leapley


    Gluten Free Club

    Golf Club

    Granite State Children's Alliance


    Hint of Lime

    History Society

    The History Society strives to foster the appreciation of history and further its study as a discipline at the College. Annually, the society sponsors at least one speaker and makes an award to a senior history student. The program varies according to interests and is open to the entire academic community. The society acts as an additional link between the history faculty and the majors and provides an open forum for discussions and innovations. Affiliated with the History Department

    Hockey Club - Men's

    Men's Club hockey allows students an opportunity to play competitive, non-varsity level ice hockey against other colleges club teams. Try outs are held at the beginning of each season and result in a set roster of committed student athletes. They have regularly scheduled practices and games throughout the season.

    Hockey Club - Women's


    International Relations Club

    This organization was founded with the purpose of showing students other cultural realities than the ones they might be accustomed to. The basic purpose of this club is to foster a greater interest and awareness in international affairs and issues and to broaden students geographic horizons, i.e. to get students to "think in international terms". To do this, the club sponsors events for the Saint Anselm College community including speakers, films, presentations, seminars, and other such activities that are related to, and of importance to the entire global community. Affiliated with the Politics Department

    Irish/Celtic Society

    The Irish/Celtic Society is an organization dedicated to the celebration and better understanding of Irish and Celtic culture. Open to students of all nationalities, the club enjoys the rich history and culture of Ireland and the other Celtic nations of Scotland and Wales. Along with music, dance, and film, the club objectively examines the political and religious issues that are at the root of centuries of conflict.


    Jazz Band

    The Jazz Band promotes the study of fine music in the most professional way possible, motivating the individual members in all musical fields, specifically jazz. The organization seeks to stimulate interaction among students and faculty through both formal and informal performances.


    King Edward Society

    The purpose of the King Edward Society is to instill an awareness of Christian charity among its members and the student body. The society fosters several programs which enable its members and encourages all students to participate in helpful and beneficial work both on and off-campus. Such functions as the Senior Citizen Dance and food drives, downtown work projects and service to students on campus constitute a portion of the practical aims. The King Edward Society also tries to promote a further sense of unity and pride within the society and among the student body.

    Knights of Columbus

    As a Catholic fraternal organization, Council 4875 offers students the opportunity for fellowship with those of the same religious belief, who recognize the same duty to God, neighbor, and family. Knights spend countless hours fund-raising for causes such as shelters, kitchens, and seminarians; Knights volunteer raking leaves, repairing shrines, and altar serving at Mass. To date, Council 4875 remains one of the strongest of the 140 college councils in North America. In short, membership in our organization provides the student with ample opportunities to exercise positions of leadership and responsibility, and most importantly, to serve others in charity.


    The mission of this women's volunteer organization is to promote the ideals of Christian service. First established as the Ladies of the Knight, but later renamed Chi Sigma, the society's main function is to work within the local community as an independent service organization. Annually, the women assist the Halloween Party at "Our Place" (a center for battered women), the Children's' Fairs, Special Olympics Swim Meet, and provide care packages during finals.


    Lacrosse Club - Men's

    The purpose of this organization is to provide a fun and competitive atmosphere for male college students interested in continuing their passion for lacrosse.

    Lacrosse Club - Women's

    The purpose of this organization is to provide a fun and competitive atmosphere for female college students interested in continuing their passion for lacrosse.


    The purpose of Lucubrations is to encourage freedom of speech through an anonymous publication and foster dialogue among students concerning the liberal arts. The club provides a regular outlet for student creativity, productivity, and a comfortable setting to engage in discourse with other members of the Saint Anselm Community.


    Math & Physics Club

    Mock Trial

    The mission of Mock Trial is to provide a club through which students with diverse abilities such as public speaking, knowledge of the law or acting skills can utilize those abilities in a nationally competitive environment. Through teamwork and competent attorney coaching, students may learn the fundamentals of organization, public communication, and preparing for a trial with confidence and agility.

    Multicultural Student Coalition

    Muslim Student Association

    This group's purpose is to promote friendship between Muslim students and the Saint Anselm College community as well as to promote Islamic culture and enhance Islamic image through displays, seminars, and festivals. The group actively participates in other student sponsored events on campus to promote this relationship. Affiliated with the Multicultural Center

    Organization for Life

    Organization for Life at Saint Anselm College is an organization whose members have been called together by their belief that all life is sacred, from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death. We believe there is no such thing as a human life not worth living, and, in a society where human life seems to become less valuable each day, we advocate for the elderly, the handicapped, and, especially, for the unborn. One of our goals is to enhance the dignity of life and to make every effort to educate the College community about the value of that life. We attempt to seek out and implement living solutions to the very real problems of our time and to ensure that our language and actions are consistent with the principles of nonviolence.

    Outing Club


    Probe and Scalpel Society

    This organization is composed of students who would like to share their interest in the field of science with their fellow students. The organization functions primarily as a forum for the exchange of current ideas in the field of science. The Probe and Scalpel Society sponsors guest speakers, film programs, and open discussions on breaking technology. Field trips are also arranged to observe medical, dental, and biological research as well as visits to aquariums and museums. Affiliated with the Biology Department

    Psychology Club

    The purpose of the Psychology club is to advance the science of psychology and to encourage, motivate, and maintain scholarship of the individual members in all fields, particularly in psychology. The organization will stimulate interaction among students and faculty through both academic and social endeavors. Affiliated with the Psychology Department



    The Quatrain is the literary publication of the Saint Anselm College student body. During the 30 years it has served the college, the Quatrain has published the finest work of the academic community and has provided a forum for what is new and most expressive in the arts, including poems, short stories, photography, and artwork. The Quatrain also provides a unique opportunity for students to assist in compiling, editing, and publishing the work of their peers.


    Red Key Society

    The Red Key Society was founded in 1935 to serve Saint Anselm College by fostering a community consciousness and spirit, and in so doing, to bring into closer relationship the students of the college. The Red Key Society serves as the primary host organization for the college, supporting the athletic program and various functions which bring guests to campus.

    College Republicans

    This club is open to all interested students who wish to create an awareness and interest in the political issues of the nation, city, and state. The club's purpose is to bring about a better understanding of the American political system and the Republican Party and to encourage active participation in the Republican Party at all levels of government.

    Rescue Team

    The Campus Rescue Team includes volunteers and certified EMT's in the state of New Hampshire who respond to emergency situations on campus where there is a need for emergency medical attention. Volunteers are students who have received special training as first responders and who work in cooperation with Health Services and Security staffs. The Rescue Team is recognized as a collegiate EMS team by the New Hampshire Department of Emergency Medical Services.

    Rugby Club - Men's

     The Saint Anselm Men's Rugby Club features both a spring and fall schedule. Rugby is a growing sport all over New England demanding hard work and self-discipline from its members. The Saint Anselm College Rugby Club is a member of the New England Rugby Union.

    Rugby Club - Women's

    The Women's Rugby Club has become one of the fastest growing club sports on campus. The purpose of the club is to foster a competitive sense of teamwork among female rugby athletes. The team competes with clubs from other New England colleges and plans to join the Rugby Union soon.


    Shakespeare Society

    The purpose of the Society is to join students that share an enjoyment of Shakespeare's life and his works.  In addition, to educate and promote Shakespeare's works with sincere passion and understanding. The group supports the Saint Anselm College annual Shakespeare birthday celebration.

    Soccer Club - Men's

    The purpose of the Soccer Club is to develop the fitness, skill, and understanding for students to actively play the game of soccer. This allows for those who have not been exposed to the game a chance to gain experience as well as giving seasoned players the opportunity to improve.

    Soccer Club - Women's

    Society of Saint Elizabeth Seton

    The Society of Saint Elizabeth Seton serves Saint Anselm College by fostering a community consciousness and spirit, and in doing so, bring into closer relationship the students of the College. The society serves as the college's primary host organization, supporting the athletic program and various functions and events, which bring guests to campus.

    Sociology Club

    The sociology club provides a forum for discussion of the concerns of sociology students, as well as to encourage interaction between the students and faculty. The society sponsors lectures, speakers, films, and other related activities of a sociological nature for the Saint Anselm College Community. Membership is open to all students.
    Associated with the Sociology Department

    Softball Club

    The softball club promotes the sport of softball in a social and recreational atmosphere, as well as to organize games and tournaments with other local softball teams. Membership is open to all students, but is limited to those students that participate in a minimum of two practices and two games per month. Students will need to provide their own softball glove, batting gloves and cleats. Bats, balls and helmets will be provided through team funds.

    STOP Campaign

    The purpose of the organization shall be to promote activisim and awareness of modern day human trafficking and slavery through a variety of objectives.

    Student Government Association

    The Student Government Association (SGA) is an organization for the students, by the students. Our objectives, among others are as follows:
    Officers are elected annually by the student body,
    Foster the unity of campus,
    Serve as liaison between students and administration,
    Address the concerns students may have affecting student life,
    Support clubs and organizations in various ways, and,
    Appropriate funds to clubs and organizations.

    Student Nurses Association

    One of the attributes of a profession is the existence of a formal association of its members. Membership in the Student Nursing Association is a way to accomplish this and begin to learn how to attain the goals of the profession through the work of an organization. Membership is open to all nursing majors who choose to belong. The purpose of the Saint Anselm College Student Nursing Association is to:
    promote responsibility, cooperation, and fellowship among students, foster growth of the individual, professionally and socially, through the cooperative efforts and activities of the group, help members become aware of the needs of the community and respond appropriately as aspiring professionals, and, cooperate with other groups on campus in promoting worthwhile programs and projects.


    Theology Society

    The Theological Society provides the Anselmian community with an opportunity to pursue the dictum "Faith seeking understanding." This is accomplished by providing opportunities for theological discussion among the members of the Anselmian community; by inviting students, faculty members, and distinguished theologians from the world at large to present papers about and/or insights into the various branches of theology (biblical, historical, moral, and systematic); and by providing outings to further educate the Anselmian community in these aforementioned branches of theology.

    Track Club

    Track at Saint Anselm College is a club sport coached by the varsity cross country coaches. The team maintains officers as well as captains for both the men's and women's teams. In addition to intercollegiate indoor track (new in 2007) we have spring track where we have been in intercollegiate competition since 2004.



    The purpose and mission is to enrich campus discussion on matters of marriage, family, and sexual integrity by providing a much needed alternative voice in support of chastity and the sexual norms surrounding it. It aims to foster discussion that is civil and sincere and that contributes to the intellectual and personal development of our peers.


    Vietnamese Student Association


    Wrestling Club



    The Anselmia yearbook staff is responsible for the publication of the college yearbook. Besides producing Anselmia, the yearbook staff also coordinates fund-raisers, including the publication and sale of the Freshmen Register. The editor of the yearbook is selected by a committee each spring. He or she is responsible for appointing a staff of co-editors and seeing the yearbook through to its completion.
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