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Pub Mugs

It has become a tradition for Saint Anselm College students to purchase a pub mug. They are engraved with the college's crest and belong to you, but can be left in the pub until you graduate.

The pewter beer mug, originally made in Sheffield, England, adds a touch of "ye olde pub" atmosphere found in pubs throughout England and other parts of Europe.

With the purchase of an Anselmian pewter mug, you become a part of our pub family where "everybody knows your name." Pub mugs are a wonderful symbol of pride and community, and will remind you of your time at Saint Anselm in the years to come.

Order Form

For special occasions such as birthdays, please place your order well in advance: Orders are placed on the 15th of every month during the academic year, and take approximately 3 weeks to arrive. Please mail forms to Davison Hall, Box#1734 c/o MaryAnn Daneault. Please make checks payable to Saint Anselm College.

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