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Hawkbucks: Campus Card

Upon your arrival on the Saint Anselm College campus, you will be issued a campus card. This card will allow you access to your residence hall and will act as your form of payment for meals at our dining locations. This card also includes an additional option known as Hawkbucks.

Currently, Hawkbucks allows you to use your card at laundry facilities on campus, purchases at the bookstore, campus mailroom services, and vending machines on campus. Because HawkBucks functions as its own distinct option on the card, it is completely separate from any dining services (board) money. In order to utilize Hawkbucks you will need to deposit money in your Hawkbucks account.

Our residence hall laundry machines only accept Hawkbucks from your campus card, so in order to do laundry on campus you will need to apply money to your Hawkbucks account.

You may add money to your account by sending a check directly to Student Financial Services. Whenever sending in a check to Student Financial Services for multiple purposes such as tuition, miscellaneous fees, or Hawkbucks, we ask that you please identify the specific amount to be allocated to Hawkbucks.

You may also add money to your Hawkbucks account by going in person with cash or a check to Student Financial Services, Davison Hall, or the Coffee Shop.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Student Financial Services at (603) 656-6293 or (603) 641-7115. We will be happy to help in any way we can.

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