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Researching Graduate Schools

There are many ways to acquire information about graduate school. One place to start is with the faculty in your department. In addition, you might use the reference library in the Office of Academic Advisement to begin your search. The following Web pages offer helpful information about researching and selecting graduate schools.

Reference Books

You should also read reference books for your field. Some fields have specific reference books dedicated to graduate study, which outline what schools in a particular field are looking for. The Office of Academic Advisement houses an extensive library of books for graduate school planning.

Internet Resources

You can find a great deal of information on the Web, including search engines for graduate schools, rankings of schools, financial aid information, and links to the home pages of programs. Home pages of schools can be helpful because they often highlight the specialty areas in which the school prides itself, such as, faculty strengths, internship programs, graduate job placement, and other pertinent information.

Graduate School Internet Resources

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