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Urban Immersion

Saint Anthony Shelter The Urban Immersion program, now a part of Service & Solidarity Missions program, is organized through the Office of Campus Ministry. This program, through its student leaders, seeks to guide participants in service and prayer through day or weekend-long trips to the inner city.

Students have immersed themselves into these cities through "Jesus Runs" with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, delivering sandwiches to the homless in New York City, and getting tours of Boston from "the view of the homeless" while also providing necessities and food with the Ecclesia Ministries City Reach program.

It is the hope of the program that each participant is awakened to a world outside of their comfort zone and is inspired by the possibility that one's very own hands can impact the lives of others in a Christ-like way through faith in action.

For more information please contact Susan Gabert at (603) 641-7130 or

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