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Meal Plans

Our a-la-carte meal plans allows students to frequent our dining facilities as often as they choose. Each time a purchase is made with the meal card, a student's account balance is reduced accordingly, with no purchase limit. This allows the student the opportunity to personalize and make the best use of their meal plan!

Resident Meal Plans

Students who live in traditional style campus dormitories are required to participate in the Resident Meal Plan.

At the beginning of each semester, $2,655 of the room and board fee is allocated to the student's meal plan. After the system administration fee of $215 is deducted, the balance of $2,440 is credited into the meal account.

The amount on your meal account is yours to spend as you wish each semester! There is no restriction on how much money may be used at the dining facilities; meal plan participants may use as much of their funds as they choose to in the Coffee Shop after 7 p.m.!

Unlike many other college meal programs, we now roll over any remaining balance on your dining account from the first semester to the second semester!

  • For example, if you have $100 remaining at the end of the first semester, you will begin the second semester with a dining balance of $2,540, allowing you extra time to spend your remaining dining dollars! You will have the entire year (both semesters) to use your meal plan, but funds will not roll over from year to year or be credited to your tuition account. 
  • Meal plan funds can not be used to purchase alcohol at the pub.
  • Should you deplete all your funds on this plan, you may add more money to an Optional Meal Plan account and receive a 10% discount.

Meal Plan Plus

If you are a student who typically runs low on funds toward the end of the semester, you may now choose to purchase the new Resident Meal Plan Plus, which costs an additional $500 per semester. In addition to the $500, you will also receive a $125 bonus credit!

The Meal Plan Plus operates the same way as the new resident meal plan, with no restriction on how you divide your funds between dining locations and any remaining balance (less the $125 bonus credit) rolling over from the first semester to the second semester.

If you wish to purchase the upgraded Resident Meal Plan Plus, please contact the Dining Services office at (603) 641-7750 and the additional charge will be included in your room and board bill.

Meal Plans for Students in Apartment Style Housing

New Flex Plans

The Flex Plan is a new meal plan option available to all upperclassmen who reside in on-campus apartment housing, as well as to any student who commutes to Saint Anselm College. It is a pre-purchased meal plan that can be used at Davison and the Coffee Shop any time of day.

With the Flex Plan, there are two options: an $800 plan with an additional $150 bonus credit, giving you $950 to spend or the $1,200 plan with a $300 bonus credit giving you $1,500 to spend. At the end of the semester, the balance (less the bonus dollars) will be rolled over to the next semester until you graduate. Any remaining balance will be refunded at that time.

For example, if a student purchases the $800 plan, he will have $950 to start. If he has $200 left at the end of the semester, $50 will be rolled over onto his flex plan for the next semester! To purchase a Flex Plan, contact Dining Services before the start of the semester, and the total amount will be included in your Room & Board bill.

Optional Meal Plan
The Optional Meal Plan is available for students in apartment housing who do not wish to purchase a Flex Plan or for students in traditional dorms who run out of funds before the end of the semester. With the Optional Meal Plan, you may add as little or as much money as you like to your account throughout the academic year and you will receive a 10% discount on all purchases! At the end of the semester, the balance will roll over to the next semester until you graduate. Any remaining balance will be refunded at that time.