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Rachael Paskievich

Class of 2011, Major - History
Spain for a Semester
For Rachael Paskievich, studying abroad in Spain was "lo mas bueno" (the very best). Paskievich spent her fall 2009 semester in Seville where she lived with a host family, immersing herself in Spanish culture. Her classes while abroad included the European Union and a contemporary cinema class. By the end of her trip she was unconsciously speaking and writing in Spanish. While in Europe, Paskievich traveled throughout Spain, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, and Portugal visiting famous cities and historic sites. Prague's rich history and stunning Christmas decorations stole Paskievich's heart, becoming her favorite metropolis. Back on the hilltop, she is busy with intramurals, volunteering, and running her first marathon. In March she was elected president of her class. Earning a certificate in Spanish and completing the education program, Paskievich hopes to one day teach high school history.

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