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Faculty Learning Communities

For the past two summers, the CTE has sponsored faculty learning communities. Faculty members were chosen through a competitive application process to explore the question of how to better cultivate engaged learners.

Each group read two core texts on promoting engaged learning in the classroom, reflected on their own teaching techniques and goals, updated their syllabi and assessment tools and discussed how to apply their learning in their fall classes. In the fall members meet to share their classroom experiences and visit each other's classroom to see how the techniques in the reading work in practice. Each group will then give a presentation in the spring to share their insights with the rest of the faculty.

Members for the 2011 summer and fall were:

Group 1

Group 2

Andy Moore, History

Barry Wicklow, Biology

Nicole Leapley. Mod. Languages

Elizabeth Fouts, Mod. Languages

Julia Feldhaus, Mod. Languages

Antonia Nelson, Nursing

Kathleen Cahill, Nursing

Catherine Fogg, Nursing


Members for the 2010 summer and fall were:

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Meg Cronin, English

Adam Wenzel, Pyschology

Ahida Pilarski, Theology

Ann Fournier, Nursing

Carolyn Weinreb, Chemistry

Sara Smits, Sociology

Matthew Konieczka, Philosophy

Deborah McCarter-Spaulding, Nursing

Nirmala Menon, English

Poppy Fry, History

Kelly Lalonde, Business & Economics

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