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The Importance of Grants

Suzanne MellonWhy is it important for faculty and staff to engage in writing grants? Simply stated, sponsored research and program investment from external governmental and foundation grant sources play an important role in advancing the College's mission.

As an undergraduate Catholic, Benedictine institution, Saint Anselm College's mission to is to provide all its students a distinctive liberal arts education that incorporates opportunities for professional and career preparation - within a learning community that encourages the lifelong pursuit of the truth, fostering intellectual, moral and spiritual growth.  It is through the pursuit of scholarly inquiry and creative work that faculty exemplify academic excellence and model the "habits of mind" that we want our students to achieve long after they have left our institution.

Student participation in and work with faculty-scholars is, in fact, a critical ingredient of educational excellence to foster long lasting inquiry and innovation as referenced in College Learning for the New Global Century  by the Association of American Colleges and Universities.

By participating with faculty in their research or creative process, students experience the deeper learning that helps to move them along the path to being life-long learners with critical thinking skills that prepare them for professional careers or for graduate school. In fact, for students at Saint Anselm College who participated in faculty research, a higher percentage goes on to graduate school.

Students also benefit in participating with faculty and staff in program and action research that is linked to our mission as a Catholic institution that promotes community service and social justice. It is during applied social justice learning that students clearly see the effect that a grant-supported program of service or intervention is making that provides a life-long lesson about being engaged citizens who will make a lasting difference in their communities.

Student participation in and work with faculty-scholars is, in fact, a critical ingredient of educational excellence to foster long lasting inquiry and innovation.

Our Strategic plan, Vision 2015, Looking Within - Reaching Beyond, challenges us to extend our involvement in service, research, human and intellectual development through partnerships with external corporations and the pursuit of grants from federal and state government, private, and community foundations. This provides not only new funding streams for the College, but also affords us the opportunity to create new strategic alliances and partnerships that will foster greater innovation and creativity.

Through grant writing and the pursuit of these new resources by faculty and staff, the College will expand the impact it can make in academic, research, professional and community engagement that will further achieve our mission and vision as a Catholic, Benedictine institution.

Suzanne Mellon, PhD, RN
Executive Vice President and Professor
Saint Anselm College

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