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Payment Information

Each department is allocated funds for FWS and/or student payroll. Human resources provides each department with budget allocations in August. Given finite resources, FWS is given priority over student payroll. If you have questions about department budget allocations call human resources at (603) 641-7020.

Students are paid bi-weekly by the business office. Federal Work Study students use green timesheets and payroll students use yellow timesheets. Both timesheets can be found in the business office. At the end of the two week pay period timesheets are tallied, signed by the student and his or her supervisor, and submitted to the Business Office by 12 p.m. on Monday according to the pay schedule. View payment schedule online or pick up a copy in the Business Office (open Monday - Friday, 9 a.m.- 4 p.m.).

Wage Rates

Starting pay for a first time student employee, FWS and payroll, is $7.25/hr. Students' rate of pay increases based on the number of years they've worked for your department. Positions in Davison Hall, the Coffee Shop and pub, physical plant, the phone-a-thon and the Meelia Center for Community Engagement start at a higher rate of pay.

FY13 Federal Work Study and Student Payroll Wage Rates
General $7.25/hr
Physical Plant/Sullivan Ice Arena $8/hr
Dining Services $8/hr
Meelia Center & ARC $7.25-9/hr
Phonathon $7.75/hr

Students returning to the same department each year (except Meelia Center) will receive $0.20 increase in hourly rate. Summer minimums: no change from the academic year.

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