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Submit Job Openings

HR will help you market your open positions, which can be found online or on bulletin boards around campus: outside the Office of Human Resources (third floor, Alumni Hall) and outside the financial aid office.

Submitting a student employment job opening to Human Resources is as easy as one, two, and three. Simply follow the instructions below. If you have any questions, please contact the HR Office at (603) 641-7020 or

Submit your student job openings through email

Jobs can be e-mailed to and will be posted on the Job Opening page on the current student's student employment Web site and on the bulletin boards around campus.

Please include the following information with your e-mail job submission:

  • student job title (see job descriptions below)
  • department name
  • department contact
  • phone
  • building
  • anticipated number of positions available
  • anticipated total number of hours of student employment per week
  • type of position: federal work student or student payroll

Create a Flyer Advertising Your Job Openings

Departments are also invited to create a flyer advertising the positions that are available in their departments. Please include the type/title of the job, whether it is federal work study or Saint Anselm student payroll or both, and how many positions are available. You should send a minimum of four copies of your flyer to the Office of Human Resources #1716 for posting on our bulletin boards.

Complete a Student Employment Job Application

All new student workers must complete a student employment job application. A copy of the application is included below. Feel free to make additional copies. Students returning to the same department are not required to complete a job application.

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