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2016 Schedule

Saturday, August 20

Basilica (Lewiston, ME) to St. Gregory's (Gray, ME)

  • Start: (8 a.m., front steps)

Basilica of SS Peter and Paul
150 Ash Street
Lewiston, ME 04240

  • Lunch: First Congregational Church: 19 Gloucester Hill Road
  • Overnight: St. Gregory's: 24 North Raymond Road, Gray, ME

Day: 17.5 miles; Week total: 17.5 miles; Remaining walk: 106.5 miles

Sunday, August 21

St. Gregory's (Gray, ME) to Deeper Well Church (Standish, ME)

  • Lunch is at a dirt parking lot on the left side of Rt. 35, on the Windham/Standish line, before the bridge.
  • Overnight: Deeper Well Church: 190 Northeast Road, Standish, ME

Day: 16.2 miles; Week total: 33.7 miles; Remaining walk: 90.3 miles

Monday, August 22

Day 3 Deeper Well Church (Standish, ME) to Friendship Park (E. Waterboro, ME)

  • Lunch at Hollis Sports Complex (Lower Tarbox Road)
  • Overnight: Friendship Park: 230 Old Alfred Road, East Waterboro, ME

Day: 18.5 miles; Week total: 52.2 miles; Remaining walk: 71.8 miles

Tuesday, August 23

Friendship Park (Waterboro, ME) to St. Therese Gym (Sanford, ME)

  • Lunch at Brothers of Christian Instruction: 130 Shaker Hill Road, Alfred, ME
  • Overnight: St Ignatius Gym: 25 Riverside Avenue, Sanford, ME

Day: 11.5 miles; Week total: 63.7 miles; Remaining walk: 60.3 miles

Wednesday, August 24

St. Ignatius Gym (Sanford, ME) to St. Charles (Rochester, NH).

  • Lunch at Gil's Diner parking lot: (approx. 1000 Broggi Hwy/202, Lebanon, ME)
  • Overnight: St. Charles Children's Home: 19 Grant Street, Rochester, NH

Day: 15.9 miles; Week total: 79.6 miles; Remaining walk: 44.4 miles

Thursday, August 25

St. Charles (Rochester, NH) to St. Joseph's Church (Northwood, NH)

  • Lunch: Strafford School: Strafford, NH
  • Overnight: St. Joseph's Church: Northwood, NH

Day: 16.2 miles Week total: 95.8 miles; Remaining walk: 28.2 miles

Friday, August 26

St. Joseph's (Northwood, NH) to Henry W. Moore School (Candia, NH).

  • Lunch: 8 Raymond Road, Deerfield, NH
  • Overnight: Moore School: Candia, NH

Day: 14 miles; Week total: 109.8 miles; Remaining walk: 14.2 miles

Saturday, August 27

Henry W. Moore School (Candia, NH) to Saint Anselm College

  • Lunch: Derryfield Park: Bridge Street, Manchester, NH

Day: 14.2 miles; Week total: 124 miles

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