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Service & Solidarity Participants

Dear Service & Solidarity participant,

Below please find the necessary forms for your trip. Please be sure to read all information thoroughly before signing. Be thorough and accurate, being sure to note all medications, previous injuries, any conditions - health and/or mental issues you may have as this information will be important to your experience and your health and safety. In addition, please be sure to update your Emergency Information Sheet after submission if information changes (i.e. medications, doctors, insurance etc.). 

Please take note that due to recent concerns around fundraising and program costs, deposit amounts, paperwork and fundraising deadlines have been set and must be met by the date listed in order to participate in this program.

Thank you!

Susan Gabert
Director, Campus Ministry

Please note: Online forms can NOT be saved and continued later, once you begin a form, you must complete it and submit it.

  • Driver Questionnaire (To be completed by any participant who will be 21+ by the departure date of their trip.)
  • Flight Form (To be completed by any partcipant who will be flying to their destination.)
  • International Travel Waiver (To be completed by any participant traveling to Dominican Republic.)
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