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The mentoring program matches Saint Anselm College volunteers one-on-one with a child, teen, senior, or other person who is in need of companionship in the greater Manchester area. This is a great opportunity to truly connect with a child or individual and become a positive role model and source of support in their life. This program is for committed individuals who are able to devote two hours per week for the entire academic year. We offer this program at three agencies in greater Manchester.

Mentoring Coordinator

Greater Manchester Big Brother/Big Sister
On-site mentors are trained and supported by Big Brother/Big Sisters and commit for an academic year to spend time each week with their match at the site itself. Mentors do not have contact with their match outside of the site.

The YWCA offers an after-school program for girls ages 6-13, which provides them with a safe place to go to during the hours when their parents are still at work. These girls need strong female role models in their lives. They need people who care and people they can count on.

Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) Child Care
The VNA is a great place to help make a positive impact on a child's life. Volunteers are placed with a child who needs a strong role model, a friend, and someone who cares. Ages range from toddlers to school-age children. Hours are available throughout the day.

Youth Development Center (YDC)
The YDC is a secure facility for delinquent youths of New Hampshire and is a community collaboration focused on helping youth reach their potential. Role models are needed to help teens to experience meaningful and supportive connections with the community.

Community Mentoring through the Meelia Center or Big Brothers/Big Sisters
The Meelia Center provides opportunities for students to mentor in the community, both in response to calls that come directly into the Meelia Center and through Big Brother/Big Sisters community based program. The Meelia Center mentoring coordinator provides ongoing support and campus resources to support the match.

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