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Saint Anselm College Mentoring Program

December 20, 2010

The Center for Experiential Learning's Internship Office and Meelia Center for Community Engagement have been working closely with the Manchester School District (MSD) to offer a program that serve as a wonderful example of community partnership to promote student success and access.

We are at the foundation stage of developing the Saint Anselm College Mentoring Program, where our students will serve as mentors and tutors to academically challenged youth in an identified middle school in the MSD. This program, which is the perfect blend of service-learning and a structured internship, will allow our students to serve as stellar ambassadors for our college, while assisting middle-school students reach their fullest academic potential and offering a glimpse of what college life can entail.

The Saint Anselm College Mentoring Program, which is firmly aligned with strategic plan objectives #3, 4, 10 and 16, can serve as a catalyst for those middle-school students who had never envisioned college being part of their future.

For more information about the college's strategic plan, visit the Strategic Plan website.

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