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Baldner, Steven
An Argument for Substantial Form 5.1 (PDF/92KB) (Fall 2007)

Banach, David
What Killed Substantial Form? 5.1 (PDF/93KB) (Fall 2007)

Barnwell, Michael
De Casu Diaboli: An Examination of Faith and Reason Via a Discussion of the Devil's Sin (PDF/93Kb) (Spring 2009)

Berman, Sophie
Human Free Will in Anselm and Descartes (PDF/135KB) 2.1 (Fall 2004)

Blanchette, Oliva
Analogy and the Transcendental Properties of Being as the Key to Metaphysical Science (PDF/103KB) 2.2 (Spring 2005)

Borden Sharkey, Sarah
How can Being be Limited?:  W. Norris Clarke on Thomas's "Limitation of Act by Potency" (PDF/115KB) 7.1 (Fall 2009)

Brown, Montague
St. Thomas Aquinas on Human and Divine Forgiveness (PDF/65KB) 6.2 (Spring 2009)
Augustine and Anselm on the Essence of Moral Responsibility (PDF/80KB) 4.2 (Spring 2007)
Augustine on Freedom and God (PDF/154KB) 2.2 (Spring 2005)
Faith and Reason in Anselm: Two Models (PDF/126KB) 2.1 (Fall 2004)

Butera, Giuseppe
The Immaterial Grounds of Transcendentality: A Thomistic Response to Terry Klein's "Spirit in the World" (PDF/45KB) 6.1 (Fall 2008)

Cohen, Nicholas
Feudal Imagery or Christian Tradition? A Defense of the Rationale for Anselm's Cur Deus Homo (PDF/127KB) 2.1 (Fall 2004)

Colvert, Gavin T.
Having Our Cake and Eating It, Metaphysically Speaking: Analogy as the Key to the Unity of Metaphysics as a Science of Being qua Being:
A Response to Oliva Blanchette
(PDF/161KB) 2.2 (Spring 2005)

Cox, Donald R.
Music in the Time of Saint Anselm (PDF/124KB) 2.1 (Fall 2004)

Curry, Agnes B.
What Difference Does A Description Make? Some concerns about Francesca Murphy's "The Metaphysical Basis of the Difference Between Men and Women" (PDF/133KB) 4.1 (Fall 2006)

de Gaál, Father Emery
St. Anselm of Canterbury and Romano Guardini (PDF/148KB) 2.1 (Fall 2004)

Deem, Michael J.
A Christological Renaissance: The Chalcedonian Turn of St. Anselm of Canterbury (PDF/129KB) 2.1 (Fall 2004)

Duncan, Roger
A Philosophical Response to Donald Keefe's Creation as Existential Contingency (PDF/120KB) 1.1 (Fall 2003)

Fischer, Mark F.
Karl Rahner and the Immortality of the Soul (PDF/93KB) 6.1 (Fall 2008)

Fortin, O.S.B., John R.
Saint Anselm on the Kingdom of Heaven: A Model of Right Order(PDF/76KB) 6.1 (Fall 2008)

Gabriel, Susan Krantz
Brentano's Account of Anselm's Proof of Immortality in Monologion 68-69 (PDF/152KB) 2.1 (Fall 2004)

Goebel, Bernd
Anselm's Elusive Argument: Ian Logan Reading the Proslogion (PDF/152KB) 7.1 (Fall 2009)

Grant, W. Matthews
Anselm, God, and the Act of Sin: Interpretive Difficulties (PDF/87KB) 5.2 (Spring 2008)

Gurtler, S.J., Gary M.
Plotinus on the Limitation of Act by Potency (PDF/199KB) 7.1 (Fall 2009)

Gwozdz, Thomas
Anselm's Theory of Freedom (PDF/113KB) 7.1 (Fall 2009)

Hibbs, Thomas S.
Iris Murdoch, Spiritual Exercises, and Anselm's Proslogion and Prayers (PDF/152KB) 3.1 (Fall 2005)

Hill, Benjamin
Substantial Forms and the Rise of Modern Science (PDF/198KB)  5.1 (Fall 2007)

Imbrisevic, Miroslav
Gaunilo's Cogito Argument (PDF/100KB) 5.1 (Fall 2007)

Janaro, John
Saint Anselm and the Development of the Doctrine of the Immaculate Conception: Historical and Theological Perspectives (PDF/87KB) 3.2 (Spring 2006)

Keefe, S.J., Donald J.
Creation as Existential Contingency (PDF/275KB) 1.1 (Fall 2003)

Klein, S.T.D., Rev. Terrance W.
Karl Rahner on the Soul (PDF/59KB) 6.1 (Fall 2008)

LaChance, Paul J.
Understanding Christ's Satisfaction Today (PDF/11KB) 2.1 (Fall 2004)

Logan, Ian
Ms. Bodley 271: Establishing the Anselmian Canon? (PDF/437KB) 2.1 (Fall 2004)

Malloy, Christopher J.
Participation and Theology:A Response to Schindler's "What's The Difference?" (PDF/228KB) 3.1 (Fall 2005)

Massie, Pascal
The Metaphysics of Primary Plurality in Achard of Saint Victor (PDF/115PDF) 5.2 (Spring 2008)
Time and Contingency in Duns Scotus (PDF/111KB) 3.2 (Spring 2006)

McMahon, Kevin A.
Nature, Grace and the Eucharistic Foundation of Fides et Ratio (PDF/64KB) 7.1 (Fall 2009)
Penance and Peter Abelard's Move Within (PDF/60KB) 6.2 (Spring 2009)
Book Review: Understanding the Medieval Meditative Ascent: Augustine, Boethius, Anselm & Dante By Robert McMahon (PDF/30KB) 4.1 (Fall 2006)
Anselm and the Guilt of Adam (PDF/136KB) 2.1 (Fall 2004)

Miller, Edward Jeremy
How Has Boethius's Appeal for Ratio Fared? (PDF/80kb) 7.1 (Fall 2009)

Muller, S.J., Earl
Creation as Existential Contingency: A Response (PDF/157) 1.1 (Fall 2003)

Murphy, Francesca
The Metaphysical Basis of the Difference between Men and Women (PDF/94KB) 4.1 (Fall 2006)

Nash-Marshall, Siobhan
Free Will, Evil, and Saint Anselm (PDF/152KB) 5.2 (Spring 2008)
Properties, Conflation, and Attribution: the Monologion and Divine Simplicity (PDF/200KB) 4.2 (Spring 2007)

Neelands, David
Substitution and the Biblical Background to Cur Deus Homo (PDF/120KB) 2.2 (Spring 2005)

O'Neill, Michael J.
A Peculiar "Faith": On R.G. Collingwood's Use of Saint Anselm's Argument (PDF/132KB) 3.2 (Spring 2006)

Rogers, Katherin A.
Anselm on Forgiveness, Patience, and Free Will (PDF/46KB) 6.2 (Spring 2009)
Anselm on Free Will and the (Possibly Fortunate) Fall (PDF/52KB) 5.2 (Spring 2008)
Anselm on the Character Creation Theory of Punishment (PDF/68KB) 4.2 (Spring 2007)
Anselm on Eternity as the Fifth Dimension(PDF/52KB) 3.2 (Spring 2006)
Anselm on Grace and Free Will (PDF/105KB) 2.2 (Spring 2005)
Anselm on God's Perfect Freedom (PDF/115KB) 1.1 (Fall 2003)

Sadler, Gregory B.
A Perfectly Simple God and Our Complicated Lives (PDF/180) 6.1 (Fall 2008)
Saint Anselm's Fides Quaerens Intellectum as a Model for Christian Philosophy (PDF/200KB) 4.1 (Fall 2006)
The Ontological Proof, the Option, and the Unique Necessaire: Maurice Blondel's Examination of the Proof in Anselm, Descartes, and Malebranche (PDF/142Kb) 2.2 (Spring 2005)

Schindler, David C.
What's the Difference? On the Metaphysics of Participation in a Christian Context (PDF/244KB) 3.1 (Fall 2005)

Shannon, Daniel
Justifying Atonement: An Anselmian Response to Modern Critics (PDF/109KB) 6.2 (Spring 2009)

Staley, Kevin M.
Norris Clarke and Sarah Borden on the Limitation of Existence or Why We Are Not God: A Response (PDF/60KB) 7.1 (Fall 2009)
Omniscience, Time, and Eternity: Is Aquinas Inconsistent? (PDF/59KB) 3.2 (Spring 2006)
Aquinas: Compatibilist or Libertarian? (PDF/108KB) 2.2 (Spring 2005)
God's Personal Freedom: A Response to Katherin Rogers (PDF/113KB) 1.1 (Fall 2003)

Sweeney, Eileen C.
Anselm's Proslogion: The Desire for the Word (PDF/160KB) 1.1 (Fall 2003)

Westphal, Merold
Participation and Kenosis: A List for Schindler (PDF/132KB) 3.1 (Fall 2005)

Wilkins, Jeremy D.
Human Being as Primary Analogate of Being: Reflections on Blanchette's "Key to Metaphysical Science" (PDF/139KB) 2.2 (Spring 2005)