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Kids Voting New Hampshire

Kids Voting NHKids Voting New Hampshire encourages civic engagement among the next generation of voters.  By combining a curriculum component in the classroom with an authentic voting experience on Election Day, Kids Voting provides hands-on learning about participatory democracy.

Kids Voting classroom activities introduce students to the concepts of voting, democracy and government in the earliest grades and continue through high school.  After classroom preparation, students participate in an authentic voting experience alongside their families at their communities’ polling site on Election Day.  Program evaluation of the national Kids Voting USA program has shown that participation in the program fosters positive long-term voting behavior.

The Political Library also invites students from Kids Voting New Hampshire communities to special events including Kids Voting at the Capitol each spring and the Kids Voting Gala each election year. 

To learn more about promoting or expanding Kids Voting New Hampshire in your community, please contact the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at (603) 222-4100 or
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