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Working Papers

The NHIOP Research Center Working Papers Series are authored by NHIOP research fellows as well as by undergraduates from Saint Anselm College and other colleges and universities. Topics include politics, psychology, history, culture, international relations and religion, consistent with the multidisciplinary nature of the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College.

Paper 1 (PDF/135KB)
The Impact of Migration on the New Hampshire House of Representatives 
Michael E. Dupre and Dante J. Scala [2002]

Paper 2 (PDF/92KB)
Apathy and Political Disengagement of the New Hampshire Student Voter 
Elizabeth Ossoff, Paul Christopher Manuel, and Jennifer Doherty [2001]

Paper 3 (PDF/103KB)
Parsis, Emigration, and Immigration in Rohinton Mistry's Swimming Lessons and Other Stories From Firozsha Baag 
Bindu Malieckal [2003]

Paper 4 (PDF/232KB)
Michal Bobrzynski
Philip Pajakowski [2002]

Paper 5 (PDF/80KB)
Physical and Vocal Attractiveness
Melissa Surawski and Elizabeth Ossoff [2002]

Paper 6 (PDF/124KB)
A Snapshot of Civic Participation in a Small New England Town
Elizabeth Ossoff and Dale Kuehne [2002]

Paper 7 (PDF/101KB)
Nature's Universe, Morality, and the Global Political Culture
Barbara Baudot [November 2003]

Paper 8 (PDF/78K)
From Metaphysics to Politics:
The Importance of Freedom in the Thought of Thomas Aquinas
Montague Brown [2005]

Paper 10 (PDF/209KB)
The Effect of Religious Belief on Fertility Rates
in Europe and the United States
Nathalie LeCostaouec [May 2006]

Paper 11 (PDF/105KB)
The Virtual Campaign: How Presidential Candidates
Use E-mail to Attract and Retain Supporters
Dante Scala [2004]

Paper 12 (PDF/129KB)
The Effects of Framing of late Night Comedy
on Young Adults' Perceptions of Political Leaders
Elizabeth Castronovo [May 2007]

Paper 13 (PDF/85KB)
Are We Blue Yet? The Shrinking Republican Footprint in the Granit State
Dante Scala [2007]

Paper 14 (PDF/194KB)
On the Idea of a Covenantal Morality
Kevin McMahon [2005]

Paper 15 (PDF/188KB)
In Pursuit of a Healthy Democratic Society
Elissa Rauth [May 2008]

Paper 16 (PDF/107KB)
The Role of Native American Dissatisfaction in their Involvement in the Civil War
Courtney Steele [May 2009]

Paper 17 (PDF/48KB)
The Currency Board Arrangement: the case of Bulgaria and
the Board's Relevance to the Country's Membership in the European Union

Desislava Eneva [May 2009]

Paper 18 (PDF/429KB)
A Case Study of Kuwait, Nigeria, and Venezuela and the
Relationship between Oil and Political Stability
Daniel Tivnan [May 2009]

Paper 19 (PDF/92KB)
Colored, Cut and Coiffed: Hair as a Symbol of Identity
in Jean Rhys's Wide Sargasso Sea
[May 2009]
Laine Remignanti [May 2009]

Paper 20 (PDF/76KB)
Index Data (PDF/50KB)
Decentralization Index
Christine Kearney Gustafson [May 2009]

Paper 21 (PDF/230KB)
The Moral Imagination, Reason, and Natural Law in
the Thought of Russell Kirk and Saint Thomas Aquinas
Kyle Montgomery [May 2007]

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