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A Letter from the Librarian

Welcome to the Friends of the Geisel Library. The Friends of the Library Society was founded in 1995 by a group of librarians and friends dedicated to strengthening the role of the library in the academic and cultural life of the College. As an organization the Society enrolls over two hundred members, presided over by our honorary President and former College Librarian Norma Creaghe of Santa Rosa, California.

Each year the Society sponsors several cultural events for the benefit of its members and the College community, the majority of which are held on campus during the academic year. Such events have included noted speakers like former United States Congressman and Georgetown University Law Professor Rev. Robert Drinan, S.J., former National Security Advisor Richard Pipes of Harvard University, and noted New England historian J. Kevin Graffagnino of the Wisconsin Historical Society. Other noted presenters include award winning filmmaker Rabbi Alan Secher of Chicago, Illinois, Irish historian Dr. Kevin O'Neill of Boston College and Mr. Judson Hale, Publisher and Editor of Yankee Magazine and the Old Farmer's Almanac.

Several times each year the Society also publishes a newsletter, designed to keep all members informed of our progress and to report on past events for those too far away to attend. Every April, the Society sponsors its annual Saint Bede's Day Dinner, which all members are cordially invited to attend.

The Friends of the Library Society is not a fund raising organization, though at certain times the Friends have contributed generously to make special purchases on behalf of the library. Undoubtedly the best example of their generosity is our 200,000th commemorative volumes acquired in the spring of 1998. One is a three-volume set by the Spanish Benedictine Joseph Saenz De Aguirre entitled Saint Anselmi Archepiscopi Cantvariensis. The work is a long and extensive defense of the works of Saint Anselm, written largely in response to charges made against him by Jansenist heretics. Written between 1688 and 1690 in Latin, the work is bound in vellum and printed on a fine rag paper which shows little wear even after three hundred years. Aguirre himself was a philosopher who also served as a councilor and secretary to the Holy Office during a long and illustrious career. The second work is entitled Historia Novorum written by the monk Eadmer, a long time companion and biographer of Saint Anselm. Printed in 1623, the work is a superior monastic history which is bound in a handsome calves leather with gilt edges. The books are vital components of our O'Rourke Saint Anselm Collection, and of great benefit to our scholarly community.

Friends keep in touch with events here at the Library through Friends Forum, the newsletter which is published two or three times annually. The Newsletter highlights the latest developments from Library departments, book reviews, reports on recent special events and illustrations from some of our more historic volumes in Special Collections. If you would like to be part of our extended community, membership in the Friends is available for but $15.00 per person, per year.

All correspondence can be sent to:
Friends of the Geisel Library
Saint Anselm College
100 Saint Anselm Drive, Box 1746
Manchester, NH 03102-1310

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