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Saving Documents from the Library Computers


When you click File/Save As, or the Diskette icon, a Dialog Box will open with various options for saving your documents.

Click the drop-down box at top to reveal a number of drives. Select the drive that includes your name and Shasta as a drive.

You will now be saving the document to your own Citrix account, where you can access it from any computer on campus.


Sometimes the E: drive will appear on the desktop when the USB drive is inserted. If not:

  • Click the Start button (lower left side of screen)
  • In the Start menu, select Documents
  • Scroll down to the E: drive
  • Double-click the E: drive

Microsoft Office Suite on PCs

All Microsoft Office programs are set to default to Desktop\Guest Documents\Save to this Folder.  Because of privacy issues, anything saved to this drive will be removed after 90 minutes of inactivity on the PC.

In case of a power outage or PC crash, the programs are set to save on the Thawspace (T:) drive in the Recovery Folder. You can find the T: drive the same way you locate the E: drive. Be aware, however, that if you have not named the document, then MS Office gives the document a generic name which is not always easy to decipher.

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