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Information Literacy Program - Orientation

New Students Library Orientation


First Impressions
The goal is that students will take away from the library orientation a positive impression about the collections, staff, and facilities. Students' perception after orientation will be:

  • The library provides access to everything I need.
  • The staff is approachable and helpful.
  • The library is a comfortable and inviting place to study and work.
  • I will be taught how to find information in my freshman English classes.

Program Objectives and Learning Outcomes

  • Welcome to Geisel Library - Introduce Library Services
    Students will be aware of the library's collections and services.
  • Introduce the Library's Homepage
    Students will be aware of how to access the homepage of the Geisel Library website.
  • Introduce the Catalog and Databases
    Students will be aware of the information resources available through the library's website.
  • Introduce the Research Guides and Tutorials
    Students will be aware of resources on the library's website that provide instruction and help.
  • Provide an Orientation to the Library's Physical Space
    Students will be aware of the location of service desks and other points of interest.
  • Emphasize Three Points to Remember
    • 1.  Geisel Library offers a comfortable environment for working alone or in groups.
    • 2.  Expectations are higher for college-level research.
    • 3.  Ask the library staff for help.
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