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CS 101 - Computer Applications


CS101 teaches you how to use important software tools such as Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint to process and communicate information. These skills are an important component of achieving "information literacy". But it is equally important to know how to find and evaluate information, so that you have something of value to communicate in your papers, spreadsheets, and presentations. During this class session, you will learn how to find information in online sources, with a particular focus on doing business research.

Specifically, this session will demonstrate the following:

  • Using advanced search techniques in a specialized business database and a free online search engine in order to locate journal articles.
  • Understanding the difference between searching proprietary databases and searching the Web.
  • Locating news and data on companies in order to learn about their latest developments and evaluate their performance.


Journal Articles

There are a wide range of business-related periodicals, including scholarly journals, popular magazines, and the trade press. Scholarly journal articles will typically offer theoretical or empirical examinations of fairly narrow topics, while popular magazine articles provide overviews of the latest trends and developments. Trade-press periodicals (which are marketed to executives and employees in specific industries) present the insider's perspective on the latest developments in markets and industries.

Search the following databases to locate citations and/or full-text of journal articles in the field of business. Use the Boolean AND to combine together multiple concepts (e.g., inflation AND interest rates), and use the Boolean OR to expand your search with synonyms and related terms (e.g., wages OR salaries). In the library databases, if you encounter Subject terms relevant to your topic, try searching those terms as Subjects to find more articles on that topic.

Business Source Premier
As the starting point for business research, this database provides full-text articles and abstracts for journals covering business, management, economics, finance, and accounting.
Class exercise on searching journal databases (Exercise #1) (PDF/139KB).

Google Scholar
This free search engine can be used to find scholarly publications, including peer-reviewed papers, books, journal articles, and government reports. If an item is not available in full text, use the Geisel WebBridge links to obtain it.

Another great starting point for business research, with full-text articles from scholarly journals, industry and trade periodicals, and regional business news publications, plus thousands of dissertations.

Academic Search Premier
This multi-disciplinary database is an excellent starting point for finding scholarly journal articles and popular magazine articles on a wide range of topics.

Banking Information Source
This database contains full-text industry journals, newsletters, working papers, and other news sources related to banking and financial services.

ProQuest Accounting & Tax
Access top scholarly journals, research reports, conference proceedings, and newsletters in the field of taxation and accounting, including publications from CCH and AICPA.


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Company Information

For business students, the ability to locate corporate news and data is essential for a variety of tasks, including analyzing a company's financial performance, tracking recent developments, exploring its market strategy, and evaluating its growth prospects. But for all students, these skills can help you explore the career potential of different industries, prepare for job interviews, and even identify stocks to purchase. Here are some databases and websites that offer excellent information about companies and industries.

LexisNexis Academic
Find full-text articles from major newspapers and business publications. In the left-side menu, click on News and then on Business & Industry in order to search business-specific publications.
Class exercise on finding company news and profiles (Exercise #2) (PDF/135KB).

Hoover's Company Records
In-depth profiles of US and foreign companies, including descriptions of their recent activities, breakdowns of their products and operations, and recent financial data.

Annual Report Gallery
A one-stop source for the latest annual reports of over 2,000 companies, searchable by company name, industry, or sector.

Datamonitor Company Profiles (Business Source Premier)
This specialized interface provides easy access to industry and company profiles from Datamonitor.

EDGAR Database
The government-maintained repository of corporate financial reports (such as 10-Ks and 10-Qs) filed with the SEC. These reports include cash flows, balance sheets, and other information for many companies. Much of this information is also available on LexisNexis.

Industry and Market Research (ABI-INFORM)
In the Browse tab of ABI-INFORM, you can access regularly updated industry reports from sources such as Business Monitor International and FirstResearch.

Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage
Products available through this database include S&P's Industry Surveys, Company Profiles, and Stock Reports. These publications include detailed analysis by S&P experts as well as recent financial data.

Yahoo! Finance
A good source for obtaining quotes from the U.S. stock markets, comparing companies, and creating charts. To get historical stock price data, enter your company’s name or ticker symbol in the box at top left, and in the screen that results, click on Historical Prices in the left-side menu.


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