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Requesting Accommodations: Initial Request

Once a student has been accepted to Saint Anselm College, he or she should immediately begin the application process for obtaining accommodations. The review and development of accommodations may take several weeks; therefore, students are strongly encouraged to initiate the process at least one month prior to the start of classes. The following steps must be completed.

I. Medical Documentation

Saint Anselm College requires that students seeking accommodations provide appropriate documentation of their disability to the Director of the Academic Resource Center in order to:

  1. determine eligibility as a qualified individual with a disability
  2. determine appropriate academic accommodations for that student.

It is the responsibility of the student to contact and submit documentation of a disability to the Director of the Academic Resource Center.  Students should allow three weeks for the evaluation and decision on the documentation submitted.

When submitting documentation, students should include with it the following information:

  1. their name
  2. anticipated year of graduation
  3. contact information including phone number, home address, and e-mail address

Documentation should be delivered to, or mailed to the following address:

Kenneth J. Walker
Director, Academic Resource Center
Saint Anselm College, #1607
100 Saint Anselm Drive
Manchester, NH 03102

Review of Documentation

The Director of the Academic Resource Center will review the documentation and the student will be contacted within a few weeks to schedule a meeting. Submission of documentation does not guarantee that a request for accommodations will be approved; the documentation must meet the guidelines established by the college. If documentation is incomplete, the student will be contacted and encouraged to meet with the director to review the established guidelines. The student may be asked to submit additional documentation.

II. Meeting

The student must schedule a meeting with the Director of the Academic Resource Center to discuss:

  1. the recommended accommodations
  2. the resources and services the student should utilize
  3. the accommodations the college will provide

The student should schedule this meeting during the first two weeks of the semester. During this meeting, if the documentation is complete, the student and the director will complete the accommodations form.

Please note: The requested accommodations are limited to those that are recommended and/or for which the student has either received prior approval. If there has been a change in the nature of the disability and/or the recommended accommodations, documentation must be submitted to support the new request. The student should then adhere to the guidelines outlined in Part I: Medical Documentation.

III. Accommodations Form

The Accommodations Form informs the faculty member that the student has a disability and lists the accommodations that will be provided to the student through the Academic Resource Center. Depending on the disability, the form may also recommend that the student be provided with certain specified accommodations in the classroom.

The students must bring the following information to complete the Accommodations Form:

  1. basic identity information such as name, e-mail address, and telephone number
  2. their professors' first and last names
  3. the course names and section numbers

IV. Distribution

It is the responsibility of the student to distribute the accommodation form to each of his or her professors. Students are expected to present the accommodation form to their professors within the first three weeks of the semester. Accommodation forms must be presented no later than two weeks prior to an examination. A student's professors are not required to provide accommodations to students who fail to present the accommodation form.

Documentation Submitted After the Start of the Semester

Students who submit documentation after the start of the semester should allow three weeks for a determination on the appropriateness of documentation submitted. Students should not expect a request for accommodations to be approved for an exam that they have in the same week or subsequent two weeks.

Once documentation and a request for accommodations have been approved, a student cannot then retroactively request accommodations for a test already taken.

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