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Student Telephone Policy

Long Distance Service
Long-distance phone service is provided to each full-time, resident student by a unique Forced Authorization Code (FAC). This six-digit number is yours for your entire stay at the college. It is extremely important that you DO NOT give this code to anyone because you are responsible for all calls made with your code. If you receive a telephone statement that contains questionable charges, you should notify the Office of Information Technology immediately. This will allow your FAC to be canceled and a new one issued. The office will investigate the suspicious calls and issue a credit if appropriate. A $10 fee will be imposed with request for a new FAC.

Payment of Phone Bills
Long-distance rates are currently .15 cents per minute for out of state calls, and range from $.10 to $.24 per minute for instate calls (instate rates are based on time of day; evenings being the least expensive whereas out of state calls are charged on a flat rate regardless of distance or time of day). Each student is issued a monthly, itemized phone bill that is billed directly to your FAC, not to the telephone extension from which the call was placed. This feature eliminates any confusion about the person responsible for the calls.

Payment is due by the 20th of each month and should be made by check and mailed to campus P.O. box 1713. Student phone bills can be sent to either their campus mailbox or to their home address. In either case, any account not paid within 30 days will be delinquent resulting in (1) an automatic late charge of $10 being debited to the account and (b) the FAC will be deactivated until such time as the outstanding balance is paid. Also, as a precaution to the students and in an effort to prevent extremely high phone bills, the college has set a limit of $200 on long distance charges per FAC. Notification will be made to each student when the amount of calls exceeds $200, and the FAC will be deactivated until the balance is brought below $50.

Unpaid student bills for long distance calls are subject to the same penalties, as any other bills owed to the college. The college also reserves all rights and remedies relative to delinquent accounts to which it is otherwise entitled under law including removal of phone service. It is important, therefore, that you keep your account current.

Calling Card Usage
Students are able to use calling cards provided all account/billing information is to their home phone number/address.

Resident students are provided with both local and long distance telephone service through the campus telephone system and ARE NOT permitted to open any personal telephone accounts using their dorm room phone number as a bill to address. Should this happen, the student will be liable for any charges billed to the college, the account will be canceled, and an administrative fee will be charged to the student.

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