Hi 59 ST: Irish America

Course Description:

Irish America will examine the impact of Irish immigration to the United States. Approximately 9 million Irish men and women entered this country from 1700 until the present. We will study the social, cultural, political and economic interplay between these immigrants and the United States. To understand the Irish America it will also be necessary to look at events happening in modern Ireland. The course will be primarily a lecture course, but readings and videos will be assigned for discussion on specific days.

Topics Covered:

18th Century Ireland and Irish America

Origins of the Diaspora
Great Famine
Irish in America
Irish neighborhoods in urban America
Irish stereotypes
Racism: Were Irish white or black?
Irish Catholicism
Labor and the Irish
Irish politics
Irish Nationalism
Irish in the 20th Century: 1920-2000
Irish American Identity
The Irish today

Reading Assignments:

Irish Famine, Abrams
Fire and Roses, Schultz
Plunkitt of Tammany Hall, Riordan
All Souls: Family Story from Southie, MacDonald
Various articles assigned in the syllabus for discussion classes.

Other Information: