Faculty Profiles

Sean Perrone

Early Modern European History and Atlantic World (Spain)

Office: 306 Joseph Hall
Office Phone Number: (603) 641-7059
Email Address: sperrone@anselm.edu

Research Interests

My graduate studies focused on the history of Spain and Portugal, Renaissance and Reformation, Tudor and Stuart England, and Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century Europe.

My research initially investigated the fiscal negotiations between the Castilian Crown and the Assembly of the Clergy in the early modern period. I was particularly interested in the tensions between these two institutions and their impact on state-building in the early modern period. My research suggested that representative institutions retained considerably more autonomy and control over financial matters than previously thought. This finding illuminates a relatively neglected aspect of Spanish historiography and adds new information to our understanding of the state-building process as discussed in English-language historiography.

Current Works in Progress

Currently, I am researching the Spanish consular service in the Early American Republic, 1795-1825.

Selected Publications

"The Formation of the Spanish Consular Service in the United States, 1795-1860" in Consuls et services consulaires au XIXème siècle - Consulship in the 19th Century - Die Welt der Konsulate im 19. Jahrhundert. Eds. Jörg Ulbert and Lukian Prijac (Hamburg: DOBU-Verlag, 2010).

Charles V and the Castilian Assembly of the Clergy: Negotiations for the Ecclesiastical Subsidy (Leiden & Boston: Brill, 2008).

"John Stoughton and the Divina Pastora prize case, 1816-1819." Journal of the Early Republic 28 (Summer 2008): 215-241.

"The Role of Spanish Consuls in the United States, 1795-1898" in Nation and Conflict in Modern Spain: Essays in Honor of Stanley G. Payne, ed. Brian D. Bunk, Carl-Gustaf Scott, and Sasha D. Pack (Madison, WI: Parallel Press, 2008).

"The Procurator General of the Castilian Assembly of the Clergy, 1592-1741" Catholic Historical Review 91:1 (January 2005):26-59.

"Assemblies of the Clergy in Early Modern Europe," Parliaments, Estates, and Representation 22 (2002):45-56.

"Clerical Opposition in Habsburg Castile," European History Quarterly 31:3 (July 2001):323-352.

"The Castilian Assembly of the Clergy in the Sixteenth Century," Parliaments, Estates, and Representation 18 (November 1998):53-70.

"The Road to the Veros Valores," Mediterranean Studies 7 (1998):143-165.


Doctor of Philosophy, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1997
Master of Arts, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1992
Bachelor of Arts, Rutgers University, 1990

Courses Taught

History 105 (Hi5): World Empires
History 317 (Hi17): Medieval Spain
History 225 (Hi20): Early Modern Europe
Hi21: Eighteenth-Century Europe
History 349 (Hi39): Special Topics: Imperial Spain
History 375 (Hi61): Latin American History I
History 376 (Hi62): Latin American History II

History 381 (Hi68): Atlantic World, 1492-1825
History 481 (Hi81): Seminar in History Research
History 489 (Hi89): Directed Reading Seminar: Pirates and the Law of Nations

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