Advisees and Advisors

Class of 2014
Advisees Advisors
Albrecht, Christopher Pajakowski
Ayers, Brian Salerno
Bernard, Justin Shannon
Bittman, Bradley Pajakowski
Boumil, Eric Salerno
Brenza, Nicolle Pajakowski
Busha, Jeffrey Moore
Byrne, Tara Salerno
Carlson, Joseph Masur
Connolly, Sean Shannon
DeMar, Ryan Shannon
DiCologero, Brittany Moore
Eckilson, Justin Dubrulle
Gaudet, Patricia Pajakowski
Genter, Christopher Moore
Griffin, Aleesha Shannon
Harris, Kevin Dubrulle
Hennessey, Matthew Masur
Higgins, Daniel Perrone
Holland, Matthew Masur
Jorgensen, Isaac Perrone
Kang, Robert Perrone
Kotsopolous, Mark Fr. William
Lindholm, Dylan Moore
Monzon, Carlos Masur
Moore, Nathan Masur
O'Leary, Margaret Shannon
Poutenis, Chloe Fr. William
Roffo, Dino Dubrulle
Roy, Benmamin Moore
Shanahan, Matthew Moore
Stebbins, Ashley Perrone
Tillson, Lawrence Dubrulle

Class of 2015
Advisees Advisors
Agliato, Joseph Dubrulle
Anderson, Timothy Perrone
Bak, Jonathan Salerno
Barros, Vanessa Dubrulle
Brown, Evan Moore
Currier, Colleen Shannon
DeLorey, Catherine Dubrulle
DeMaria, Andrew Moore
Doherty, Brianna Fr. William
Dreyer, Rebekah Fr. William
Ferrantelli, Joseph Masur
Garcia, Colin Pajakowski
Genter, Christopher Moore
Giguerre, Johsua Salerno
Huard, Samantha Pajakowski
LaChance, Michael Perrone
Lefrancois, Kevin Salerno
Madsen, Alexandra Pajakowski
McDonald, Tyrel Dubrulle
Merullo, Leah Perrone
Parent, Christopher Pajakowski
Morin, Joseph Shannon
Powell, Melanie Perrone
Santo, Christopher Shannon
Scoville, Ashley Masur
Schirripa, Peter Moore
Scribi, James Perrone
Stanley, Andrew Fr. William
Vitalis, Emily Pajakowski
Wipff, Kendall Masur

Class of 2016
Brennan, James Dubrulle
Centeno, Jonathan Fr. William
Collins, Mackenzie Fr. William
Corbett, Katherine Fr. William
Fahy, Sabrina Shannon
Flynn, Colin Pajakowski
Griebel, Christopher Masur
Hamilton, Steven Pajakowski
Kane, Liliana Dubrulle
McLevedge, Cameron Dubrulle
Moriarty, Charles Moore
Morneau, Mallory Salerno
Nichols, Brendan Perrone
Norton, Ian Dubrulle
O'Connor, Jacob Pajakowski
Pare, Tyler Masur
Peterson, Jennnifer Moore
Powell, Melanie Perrone
Santo, Christopher Shannon
Tremblay, Alanna Salerno
Turner, Maria Fr. William
Van Uden, Kristen Perrone

Class of 2017
Bosworth, Stephanie Salerno
Brooks, Nathaniel Moore
Hammond, Whitney Shannon
Horton, Matthew Dubrulle
LaBrie, Alexis Dubrulle
Maffei, Tyler Masur
McKillop, Daniel Shannon
Nelsen, Isaiah Masur
Ryan, Michael Fr. William
Schmidt, Michael Fr. William

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