Chapter 1:

1. What was the discovery of deep time?


2. What is time's arrow?


3. What is time's cycle?



Chapter 2: (skip 51-57)


1. Who was Thomas Burnet? What was his geological theory?


2. Describe Burnet's frontispiece. (Be able to draw a schematic)


3. How did it portray time's arrow?  What features of the earth compel one to explain through narrative?


4. How did it portray time's cycle? What features of the earth require a cycle?


5. Which of these two did Burnet stress most and why.




Ch. 5:

4-5. Who was James Hampton? How was his throne like Burnet's frontispiece?

6. What is the difference between analogy and homology? Which is time's arrow and which time's cycle?

7. What was unusual about Ritta and Christina, the Sardinian Twins? What did Gould think this showed about nature?

8. Give one illustration from architecture, Discussed by Gould,  of the tension between time's arrow and time's cycle.

9. What is Gould's final thesis about Time's arrow and Time's cycle? Does he favor one or the other?