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Ancient Science and Mathematics

The Golden Section

Infinity and Continuity

Plato and Aristotle

Ancient Astronomy

The Scientific Revolution

Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

Bell's Theorem and EPR

Biology and Darwin


Contemporary Phil. of Science

Philosophy of Mind

 Conway’s Game of Life



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Assignment 1

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Assignment 1 Resources: (Tutorials and FAQ's) 

Extra Credit Assignment 1 (Eratosthenes) Due Feb 24

Extra Credit assignment 2 (Galileo) Due Monday Feb 27

Exam 1 Review Sheet

Reading questions from Kuhn

Assignment 2

Diagrams for Assignment 2

Assignment 2 FAQ

Assignment 2 Flash Tutorials

Reading Questions on Dennett Darwin’s Dangerous Idea


Reading Questions on Gould

Final Exam Review Sheet

Assignment 3

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Life programs: Winlife 32 and Life 32. (Self extracting) Use these for assignment 4.

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Assignment 4:

Flash Video Instructions for Winlife32 Section (Part I)

Flash Video Instructions for Life32 (Part II)

Flash Video Instructions for Extra Credit (Part III, making a survivor)


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