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Links on Kuhn and The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

A guide to Thomas Kuhn's Theory of Scientific Revolutions
Malcolm Foster.
U. of Wisconsin.

Biography of Thomas Kuhn                  New York Times Obituary
Emory University

An Overview of the Structure of Scientific Revolutions:
by two students, Kim Neyens and Tracy Q. Gardner

An even shorter introduction to Kuhn with a glossary of important terms from his work.

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
An Outline and Study Guide by FrankPajares. Synopsis by same author.

An Overview Of Kuhn's The Structure Of Scientific Revolutions
by Lyle Zynda

August 16, 1996, Hour Two:Thomas Kuhn and Scientific Revolutions
A Radio show on Kuhn's view of Science. You need RealAudio Player and a sound card for this one.

Thomas Kuhn (1922-1996)
Has a Bibliography, images, and links to information about his books

Part IX, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions


Links on Issues concerning Scientific Realism and Contemporary Phil. of Science

Logical Empiricism

A Primer on Logical Positivism

Philosophy and the Foundations of Mathematics

Short summary of Logical Positivism

Bas C. van Fraassen Home Page

Hilary Putnam "Brains in a Vat"

from Reason, Truth, and History, chapter 1, pp. 1-21 (Cambridge University Press: 1982)

Wikipedia entry on Brain in a Vat

Short summary of Putnam's causal theory of reference by Lyle Zynda of Indiana University.

Wikipedia entry on Twin Earth

Wikipedia entry on Goodman's grue bleen example.

Wikipedia entry on Quine's Indeterminacy of Translation.

Wikipedia entry on Quine's attack on Analytic synthetic distinction

Wikipedia entry on Wittgenstein and Family Resemblances

Wikipedia entry on Wittgenstein and the Private Language argument

My account of Putnam's Model Theoretic argument using the Lowenheim-Skolem Theorem

Excerpted from a chapter of a longer work.

Richard Rorty, Introduction to Consequences of Pragmatism

Daniel Dennett, "Faith in Truth"

Thomas Nagel, "The Sleep of Reason"

John Searle: Interview in Reason on Reality Principles

Selected Bibliography on Putnam and Internal Realism

"Conceptual Role Semantics" by Ned Block

W.V.O. Quine, "Two Dogmas of Empiricism"

Fyerabend: Against Method

C. S. Peirce, "How to Make our Ideas Clear"

William James, "What Pragmatism Means"

Online bibliography of Wilfrid Sellars with some online papers

Bas C. van Fraassen,"The Manifest Image and the Scientific Image"

Scientific Realism and Costructive Empiricism: Lecture by Lyle Zynda

The Inference to the Best Explanation : Lecture by Lyle Zynda

Debate between John Horgan and Stuart Kauffman on the Limits of Science, from HotWired Brain Tennis"

Jim Holt, "The Beauty of Truth"

Debate between John Horgan and Stuart Kauffman on the Limits of Science, from HotWired Brain Tennis"

Philosophy of Science Introduction

Links on Dennett and Related Issues

A searcheable Daniell Dennet Bibliogaphy. Nice! Only goes up to 1998. Both works by Dennett and about him. University of California Irvine. Comiled by Eddie Yeghiayan.

Errors in Darwin's Dangerous Idea

Evolution as Algorithm

Real Patterns

Extensive list of online papers by Daniel Dennett

Douglas Hofstadter

Consciousness, Penrose, and General Mind Stuff

Infinite Ink's Philosophy Page

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