Timeline of the Scientific Revolution

1473- Copernicus born, 19 February.

1492- Columbus discovers New World.

1517- Luther starts the Reformation

1507-1514- Copernicus's Commentariolus begins to be circulated.

1542- Publication of On The Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres.

1543- Death of Copernicus.

1545- Council of Trent. Counter-reformation begins.

1546- Tycho Brahe born, 14 December.

1564- Galileo born, 15 February.

1571- Johannes Kepler born, 16 May.

1596- Rene Descartes born

1600- Giordano Bruno burned at the stake for heresy, was a proponent of Copernicus, among other things.

1600-1601- Kepler-Brahe collaboration.

1601- Brahe dies.

1609- Kepler publishes Astronomia Nova (contains his first and second laws).

1610- Galileo's discoveries with the telescope. The Starry Messenger.

1613- Galileo publishes Letters on Sunspots

1616- Copernicus's book banned until corrected.

1618- Thirty Years War breaks out.

1619- Kepler publishes Harmonice Mundi (contains his third law).

1632- Galileo publishes Dialogues Concerning the Two Principal Systems of the World, and it is immediately banned.

1633- Trial of Galileo.

1638- Galileo publishes Two New Sciences. (Laws of motion)

1642- Galileo dies.

Isaac Newton born.

1650- Descartes dies.

1672- Newton announces his theory of Colors to the Royal Society.

1687- Newton publishes Philosopiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica

1727- Newton dies.

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