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Northern Hawk Owl, Meredith, New Hampshire (1/16/09)
Dr. Jay Pitocchelli, Tabletop Mountains, Newfoundland (6/22/06)

Snowy Owl, Salisbury Beach, Massachusetts (3/17/09)

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Red-legged Kittiwakes, Bogoslof Isl., AK

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Recent Sightings from Jay Pitocchelli by Month

I have listed below sightings I have made or have been reported to me in southern New Hampshire or from my trips to other parts of the United States. I have also included sightings from field trips and Xmas bird counts for the Amoskeag Chapter of the New Hampshire Audubon Society. They are from December or January months for each year depending on when the count was held. If you have any interesting sightings you would like me to include, you can e-mail them to me at jpitocchATanselm.edu (rember to change the AT to @).. Make sure you inlcude the location and date of the sighting. A note to telemarketers, spamers and anyone collecting e-mail addressesfor the purposes of using them to distribute junk e-mail: I have a verystrict policy on the use of my e-mail address. Please review this policy before you use this address. Use of this address means that you agree with the policy.

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