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Lecture and Lab Topics and Dates

Lecture text: Biology: Concepts and Connections,
by Neil Campbell, Jane Reece, Martha Taylor, Eric Simon Dickey (see Bookstore).

Supplementary materials - iClicker, Wheels (Household hazardous waste, Recyclye Arizona).

Lab Text: Pitocchelli, J. 2012. - Download from Sakai

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DATE WEEK Lecture Topics



  Lab Topics Lab Manual
9/2 1

Introduction, No labs


Biology as Science, What is Science? Science and Social Responsibility

Chapters 1  

No labs this week

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9/9 2 Chemistry and Biology, Current Issues (acid rain, toxic waste, nutrition, vitamins), Fundamentals of Chemistry for Biologists Chapters 2, 3   The Scientific Method and Touch Therapy

Click on the Scientific Method

Lab 1 Chapter 10
    Cellular Biology Chapters 4, 5      
9/16 3 Defining Energy and its laws, How organisms use energy Chapters 6, 7  

The Microscope

Click on the Microscope lab

Lab 2 Chapter 1
    Cellular Reproduction, Current Issues (Cancer, Genetic Disease), Mitosis and Meiosis Chapters 8      
9/23 4 Genetics: Mendelian Genetics, Chapters 9-12  

Plants and Energy

Click on the Plants and Energy link

Lab 3 Chapter 2
9/24   Exam 1 Review        
9/30 5 Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance, Chapters 9-12  

Diffusion and Osmosis lab

Click on the Diffusion and Osmosis link

Lab 4 Chapter 3
10/3 5 Exam 1 - please bring # 2 pencils        
10/7 6 Review Exam 1 results, Molecular Basis of Inheritance, Recombinant Technology Chapters 9-12  

Cell Division and Mitosis

Click on the Cell Division and Mitosis lab

Lab 5 Chapter 4
10/12-15 7 Fall Recess     No labs this week  
10/21   Current Issues - Genetic Disease, Diagnosis, Therapy Chapters 9-12  

Genetic Architecture and Karyology

Karyotyping Exercise from University of Utah

Click on the Genetic Architecture and Karyology link for Materials for lab

Lab Seminar Update - You must form a group for your presentation and one member of the group must send me an e-mail with the people in the group and the topic for your presentation. You should do this in lab this week.

Lab 6 Chapter 5



8 Current Issues - Genetic Disease, Diagnosis, Therapy continued Chapters 9-12  

Electrophoresis - Detecting Sickle Cell Anemia, Transcription and Translation

Click on the Sickle Cell Anemia lab, and Transcription and Translation lab

Lab 7 Chapter 6
10/29 8 Exam 2 Review        
11/1 8 All Saints Day - modified schedule        


Introduction to Biological Systems, Structure and Function

Overview of Different Support Systems, Skeletal, Muscular Systems and Locomotion, Current Issues (Bone Disease, Exercise Training)

Chapters 20, 30  


Choose specific topic for seminar and one member of the seminar group must send the topic via e-mail to Dr. J

Onion DNA preparation

Click on the Onion DNA preparation lab


Lab 8 Chapter 9


9 Exam 2 - please bring # 2 pencils        
11/11 10 Digestive Systems, Current Issues (Diet and Health), Overview of Different Digestive Systems (continued) Chapter 21  


Articles for Seminar Series due - turn in a copy of one research article on your seminar topic to your lab instructor, all articles must be stapled!!

Biological Chemicals, Nutrition and Health

Click on the Biological Chemicals, Nutrition and Health lab

See me about any special audio visual needs for your seminar presentation

Lab 9 Chapter 7
11/18 11

Review Exam 2 Results, Circulatory Systems, Current Issues (Cardiovascular disease), Overview of Different Circulatory Systems

Nervous Systems, Current Issues (Behavior and Drug Abuse), Overview of Different Nervous Systems

Chapter 21

Chapters 23, 28, 29


Seminar I - Biology and Medicine Series

Lab 10 Chapter 8
11/25 12

Guest Lecture - Dr. J. Troisi (Psychology Department) Physiological and Psychological Basis of Drug Addiction

Immune Systems, Current Issues (Search for Cures), Overview of Different Immune Systems

Chapters 28, 29

  No labs this week, Thanksgiving vacation  
12/2 13

Respiratory Systems, Current Issues (Tobacco, Taxes and Health Care) Overview of Different Respiratory Systems

Exrectory System, Endocrine Systems, Current Issues (Endocrine Disorders), Overview of Different Endocrine Systems

Chapters 24, 22, 25, 26   Seminar II - Biology and Genetics Series Lab 11 Chapter 8
12/9 14

Reproduction and Development, Current Issues

Last day of classes - Final Exam Review will during the final lecture

Chapters 27   No labs  
12/12 14 Makeup Exams if necessary: 12 pm - 1:30 pm, Perini lecture hall        
12/13   Final Exam at 1 pm - Section B (1 pm lecture section)        
12/17   Final Exam at 9 am - Section A (1 pm lecture section)        

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Students with Disabilities

Academic Integrity at Saint Anselm College

There will be a series of guest lectures from members of the Saint Anselm College Community and invited guests from off campus. Each visitor will lecture on some aspect of Biology and its relevance to current issues. Attendance is mandatory. Materials from this section will comprise an important part of each exam.

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