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This page contains some my favorite restaurants in New Hampshire. I like to eat and I am sure you do too. If you are one of my students looking for a place to take a date or a restaurant you wish your family would take you on parents' weekend please peruse my selection of fine local restaurants. You can trust this list because I put it together with the help of some restaurant connoisseurs: Bruce Chakrin, John and Gayle Feick, David George, Craig and Sherrie Hieber, Dick and Nancy Letizia, Linda Rulman, Mark and Mary Pinard, Sandi Reid, Barbara and David Stahl, Ross and Marguerite Taylor and Eileen Whittle. It has been a long and arduous task assembling this list of fine restaurants but somebody had to do it. We will continue to sample and I will continue to add new restaurants. If you find a place and want to recommend it please send me information at jpitocchATanselm.edu (change AT to @). A note to telemarketers, spamers and anyone collecting e-mail addresses for the purposes of using them to distribute junk e-mail: I have a very strict policy on the use of my e-mail address. Please review this policy before you use this address. Use of this address means that you agree with the policy. Bon appetit!


Buffet King
Address: Kay St., Manchester, NH
Phone #

Address: 172 Route 101, Bedford Village, Bedford, NH
Phone # 1-603-471-0020

Dim Sum

North Garden
Hours for Dim Sum: 11:00-3:00, 7 days/week (even though the Menu only says Saturday through Monday)
Address: 742 Mast Rd., Manchester, NH
Phone #: 1-603-668-1668


India Palace
Address: 575 South Willow St., Manchester, NH
Phone # 1-603-641-8413


Pasta Warehouse
Address: 195 McGregor, Manchester, NH
Phone # 1-603-668-9150


Coyote Cafe in downtown Nashua
Phone #

Shorty's Mexican Roadhouse
Address: Route 101, Bedford, NH
Phone # 1-603-472-3656

Pizza and Subs

Foodee's - A World of Pizza
Address: 3 Bedford Farms Rd., Bedford, NH
Phone # 1-603-627-2276

Jimmy's House of Pizza - Now Cindy's
Phone #

The King - best Veal Parmigiana Subs
Address : corner of 28 and Main Street and 28 in Salem, NH
Phone #


Down 'n Dirty Bar B Q
Address: 168 Armory, Manchester, NH
Phone # 1-603-624-2224


The Midori Restaurant in Amherst, NH has some of the best sushi in New England and probably along the east Coast. Mr. and Mrs. Lee not only have a great restaurant but one of the most loyal clienteles I have ever witnessed. If you love Sushi then you already love this place. If you can't get a hold of me it's probably because I'm at Midori mining these gems of the sea.

Osaka Tea Garden in Nashua
Phone #

Traditional American Dinners

Back Room
Address: Daniel Webster Highway, North Manchester, NH
Phone # 1-603-669-6890

C. R. Sparks, featuring open hearth kitchen
Address: 18 Kilton Rd., Bedford, NH
Phone # 1-603-647-7275

THEO'S - American, Italian and Greek
Address: 102 Elm Street, Manchester, NH
Phone # 1-603-669-4678

The Wild Rover
Address:21 Kosciuszko St., Manchester, NH
Phone # 1-603-669-7722

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