The goal of the I, CLAVDIVS PROJECT is to create a web resource which provides source materials and analyses for the BBC production of I, Claudius. Each episode is documented to show what is supported by ancient evidence or by the Graves novels and what is not. The site also includes resources and analyses on other topics relating to the emperor Claudius: his coinage, the imperial cult, and evaluations of Claudius and of his health.

The I, CLAVDIVS PROJECT began as a collaborative web effort produced First Semester 1998-9 at Saint Anselm College by members of the CL50: Latin Biography Seminar. It premiered January 24, 1999.

This version of the I, CLAVDIVS PROJECT is still very much a work in progress. The editorial team meets weekly during the academic year. We are currently editing the materials for Episode Six. Please direct any questions or comments to Prof. Linda Rulman .

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