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Wordle: Martial VI 



My Rome praises, loves, and sings about my little books,

and every toga fold holds me, every hand holds me.

Behold! Someone blushes, becomes pale, is astonished, yawns and hates me.

I want this: now my songs are pleasing to me.

LX. meter: Elegiac Couplet

Laū dăt, ă|māt, cān|tāt nōs|trōs mĕ ă|Rō mă lĭ|bēl lōs,
     mē quĕ sĭ|nūs ōm|nēs,||mē mă nŭs|ōm nĭs hă|bĕt.
ēc cĕ rŭ|bēt quī|dām, pāl|lēt, stŭ pĕt,|ōs cĭ tăt,|ō dĭt.
     Hōc vŏ lŏ:|nūnc nō|bīs||cār mĭ nă |nōs tră plă|cēnt.



This epigram seems a bit more personal to Martial as it is written about what he finds pleasing. As he speaks about the popularity of his books, he shows the reader what he actually values. Although having his books widely spread and having faithful followers of readers, he seems much more pleased in the instances where the readers display a variety of other emotions even if they are not positive. This means that Martial is interested in the effect that his poetry has and not just those who eagerly accept it, but rather emotion that shows thought and reaction together, suggesting that he writes his poetry to get a reaction out of others. Perhaps even he is able to create these emotions in the reader, which is a great task in itself. 


C. McGee