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Plot Summary: Episode XII
Kalends of February

The episode opens with a troupe of players The episode opens with a troupe of players presenting a mime on the victories of Vorenus and Pullo in the arena. It appears that they are now heroes in Rome. Atia and Octavia are among the onlookers. Atia thinks the mime actors quite good, but that they are far more handsome in real life.

Pullo awakens in a military field hospital at Avernum recovering from his injuries to a man “taking his likeness.” The man explains that Pullo and Vorenus are now heroes in Rome, symbols of brotherly love and redemption. He has been commissioned by the Aventine cloth dyers association to paint a mural, in fact there are murals of their feat all over Rome. He tells Pullo that the whole city loves him, “if you were in Rome today, I doubt there’s a lady in the city that wouldn’t open her doors for the mighty Titus Pullo.” Upon hearing this, Pullo leaves the hospital, steals a horse, and makes his way back to Rome.

Meanwhile, Vorenus and Niobe have gone to their newly acquired land in order to bless it. They seem to be happy and share a tender moment in the dirt. They are performing a fertility ritual by imitating compulation on the land while the priest invokes the names of four gods: Messor, the Roman god of crops and harvest; Insitor, a minor agricultural deity involved with the sowing of crops; Ocator, another Roman god; and Promitor, a Roman god of agriculture.

Pullo having made his way back to Rome was “found by some carters half dead on the Appian” and asked to be brought to Vorenus’ house. There a physician tending to Pullo’s now opened wounds, sedates and immobilizes him. A groggy Pullo explains to Vorenus the scope of their newfound fame. . Vorenus throws a wet Caesar blanket on Pullo’s amatory plans. Niobe and the elder Vorena comment on the men’s laughter. Eirene looks distressed, as she clearly has not forgiven Pullo for the murder of her lover Oedipus. When night comes, Eirene sneaks up to Pullo’s room in an attempt to kill him. When the time comes, though, she finds herself unable to do it. Niobe finds them and chastises her for trying to kill her old master. If she did, she argues, everyone would know it was Ereni, a freedwoman who killed her old master. The next morning, Niobe fusses over Vorenus who goes off to meet Caesar. Niobe orders Eirene to tend to Pullo. Eirene exacts revenge by spitting in Pullo’s porridge.

Meanwhile, the Newsreader announces that Caesar has decreed that 100 new men be raised to the senate on the Kalends of February and that a banquet in their honor will be given three days before the Nones. The scene switches to Caesar in the senate house standing over a map of Rome explaining to Cicero how he plans to divert the Tiber river, along with other plans that he has to improve the city. Cicero instead wishes to talk about the expansion of the senate to include Gaul and Celts. Cicero is “astonished” when Caesar confirms that “the best of their nobility” will be joining the senate. Vorenus then appears before Caesar, with Antony giving him a hard time, “what, no wreath of oak leaves?” Instead of punishing him and Pullo and angering the people of Rome, Caesar decides to make Vorenus a senator by popular acclaim, much to the astonishment of Cicero and Mark Antony. Caesar wishes for the senate to be made of the “best men in Italy not just the riches old men in Rome” much to Cicero’s dismay over “a lowly pleb in the senate.” When Antony suggests given the likely anger over the new senators that Caesar double his guard, Caesar declines, stating that “guards can keep my enemies away; they can do nothing about my friends.” Posca frets, but Caesar is confident that with the ferocious Lucius Vorenus at his side, no one would dare lay a hand on him.

Back at Vorenus’ house, Vorenus and Niobe discuss finding a husband for their daughter. Vorenus tells Vorena the Elder that he and Niobe have been thinking about finding her a husband, for “a senator’s daughter cannot be running around unattached.” Niobe assured Vorena that they will find her a rich old man that she can wrap around her finger. Vorena protests, stating that she does not want a rich old man, but instead wants to marry for love. Niobe and Vorenus laugh at this and tell her that love takes time, and it would be awfully strange to love your spouse from the start. Vorenus assures Vorena that he will find her a rich old man.

The scene shifts to a freshly tilled field, In the midst of which stacked wood burns. Overhead a murder of crows gathers, flying away in the shape of a skull. Caesar’s wife Calpurnia had a dream that she claims to be an omen. Caesar, however, dismisses this notion with a litany of similar dream omens and tells her not to worry. Caesar believes that he still has much to do in Rome and refuses to leave the city.

The scene shifts to Brutus and Servilia in their imagines lined atrium, asking their ancestors for a blessing for Brutus: let his arm be strong, let his aim be true, let his heart be filled with sacred rage.

Back at Vorenus’ house, Pullo is set free and begins to wander about, however he is hardly able to find a woman. When he does, she brings him home, but he sends her away as soon as he sees Eirene.

The next day, Vorenus is officially made senator, along with all the Celts and Gauls that Caesar appointed. This causes major unrest among the veteran Roman senators. The senators, including Brutus and Cicero, discuss their complete distain for these new senators, including Lucius Vorenus, who is always at Caesar’s side. Cicero then leaves to go “stupefy himself with wine.” Caesar then waves to Brutus. Brutus looks conflicted.

After nightfall, Brutus, Cassius, Casca, Cimber, and Quintus, along with Servilia, discuss their plot. Cimber and Casca are afraid that Caesar has caught on to their plan. Cassius is afraid that if they do not act soon, they will be outnumbered, degraded, and powerless. The senators then discuss Vorenus. Brutus suggests that “if we are to reckon with Caesar on the senate floor, we must reckon with Lucius Vorenus also.” Servilia cautions them that to retain the good will of the people, only the tyrant must die. When Quintus and Casca discuss other ways to dispose of Caesar, ranging from killing him in his bed to bribing his slaves to poison him, Brutus gets angry, shouting that it is not just some cheap murder, but that it is an honorable thing and it must be done honorably in daylight, on the senate floor, and by their own hand.

Back at Vorenus’ house, Niobe shares her unease with Vorenus. The scene then shifts to Servilia, who making a connection asks Brutus again about Lucius Vorenus. She declares that she has heard his name before. The scene shifts again to Atia, who is reading a letter from Servilia inviting her for a visit. Atia accepts and asks Octavian to come with her to protect her from the mad old turtle. Pullo, meanwhile, subtly asks Eirene for forgiveness, for he plans to ask Sacred Rusina, the Roman goddess of the fields and farmlands, for forgiveness and asks Eirene if she would. Eirene ambiguously replies that no one knows what the gods will do.

The next day in the forum, Caesar and Vorenus head towards the senate house surrounded by lictors. At the same time, Atia and Octavian go to visit Servilia. Servilia’s servant Eleni goes to Vorenus in the forum and reveals to him the truth about his grandson, namely that he is actually Niobe’s baby. In an angry rage, Vorenus rushes home, leaving Caesar unguarded. Pullo walks by a mural and sees himself depicted as a weakling compared to Vorenus. Antony is also sidetracked and stalled outside the senate house.

The scene switches to Servilia’s house where she is entertaining Atia and Octavian. She states that she wants to be the first to tell them what has happened.

The scene switches back to the senate house. Caesar enters and mingles among the senators. Brutus paces and waits. Cimber approaches Caesar asking him to revoke his brother’s exile. When Caesar dismisses him, Cimber grabs his toga and forcefully pulls on it. The attack is signaled and a number of senators, starting with Casca, rush at Caesar with daggers. Among them is Cassius, who slashes Caesar’s face with his dagger. Those senators who do not attack flee in horror. The scene resembles an angry mob. Brutus stands on the sidelines and watches. He drops his dagger. Antony and Posca hear the commotion, but are prevented from entering the senate house. Caesar, bloodied and betrayed, is backed into a corner while Brutus looks on. Cassius then comes behind Brutus and tells him to “do it” while handing him a knife. Brutus kneels weeping before a dying Caesar. Brutus stares at him for a moment with a look of regret in his eyes. He then forcefully plunges the dagger into his former friend, thus completing the assassination. With the final blow dealt, Caesar dies trying to cover his head.

Simultaneously with the assassination, Vorenus rushes home in a jealous rage. When he reaches his house, he starts tearing everything apart while Niobe asks him what is wrong. When Vorenus forcefully asks her to reveal the truth, Niobe simply replies, “I thought you were dead.” While Vorenus picks up a knife, Niobe sits on the balcony and willfully falls to her death.

Back in the senate house, Caesar is dead and the commotion has stopped. Cassius raises Brutus’ arm, saying thus always for tyrants. Brutus forcefully pulls away. While they all stand in awe, Antony enters. He stares disdainfully at Brutus, who is weeping, and then exits not turning his back on them. As the camera pans out, Brutus breaks the silence and screams in anguish.

Back at Servilia’s house, Servilia is just finishing up telling Atia and Octavian about Caesar’s death. Servilia then tells Atia that she will make her suffer “slowly and deeply,” and she tells her to run to some rat hole in Greece or Illyria. Servilia will hunt her down. Atia slowly rises while Octavian stares Servilia down.

Vorenus is shown in the insula courtyard cradling Niobe’s dead body, while her son looks on. The scene shifts for the final time to the countryside Pullo making an offering to Rusina, after which he and Eirene are shown walking hand in hand into the sunset.

Dramatis Personae
Lucius Vorenus

In this episode, Vorenus deals with the backlash of helping Pullo. To his surprise and to appease the people, Caesar makes him a senator. On the way to the senate house on the ill fated Ides of March, Vorenus learned of the true parentage of his grandson. He flies into a jealous rage and when he confronts his wife, Niobe, she kills herself by jumping off the balcony.
Titus Pullo

In Episode 12, Pullo begins in a military hospital in Avernum. He ventured back to Rome in order to take advantage of his newfound fame. He eventually makes his way to the home of Lucius Vorenus. He ends up learning that he is not as much a hero as he thought and reconciling with Eirene.
Julius Caesar

By this time, Caesar has been declared dictator. He proposes many things, including an expansion of the senate to include noble Gauls and Celts. As a result of his supposed tyranny, a group of conspirators led by Cassius and Brutus planed to assassinate Caesar on the senate floor. On the Ides of March, the conspirators succeeded in their deed and successfully assassinated Caesar.
Pompey Magnus
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In this episode, Atia is invited to the home of Servilia for some sort of gathering. She takes Octavian with her as protection. At Servilia’s home, she is informed of the plan and of Caesar’s assassination.
marc antony
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In this episode, Brutus, along with Cassius, leads the conspiracy against Caesar. Throughout the episode, he talks as though he is certain that killing Caesar is the proper way to go, but he certainly looks conflicted whenever he is around Caesar. This is especially evident when.

In this episode, Servilia oversees the meetings of the conspirators when they discuss their assassination plan. She assures the conspirators that only the tyrant must die. Servilia also invites Atia over to her house so that she can be the first to tell her about Caesar’s assassination.

In this episode, Octavian accompanies Atia to Servilia’s house. As Servilia tells them of Caesar’s assassination, Octavian stares her down.

Posca is a loyal slave and confidant to Caesar. In this episode, he tries to convince Caesar to double his guard. Caesar refuses. On the day of Caesar’s assassination, he is detained outside the senate house. He is unable to save Caesar in his final moments.

In this episode, Octavia is seen with Atia and Octavian in their home. Servilia has invited Atia to her house for an afternoon visit. Octavia insists that she does not have any more feelings for Servilia.

In this episode, Niobe and Vorenus seem very happy. They set out to bless their new farmland, and they even discuss finding a husband for Vorena the Elder. Unfortunately for Niobe, Vorenus finds out about her adultery and confronts her. In order to prevent him from having to kill her, she flings herself off the balcony of the insula.

Eirene is Pullo’s former slave who is now a servant in Vorenus’s household. In this episode, she tries to kill Pullo in order to get revenge on him for killing her lover Oedipus. She is unable to do it when she is caught by Niobe. She and Pullo are reconciled at the end of the episode when he makes an offering to the Sacred Rusina.
Quintus Pompey

Quintus is the 'natural' son of Pompey Magnus and is involved in the plan to assassinate Caesar. While he dies not strike Caesar, he is an active member of the conspiracy.

In this episode, Cicero is very unhappy with Caesar and his policies. He disagrees with his expansion of the senate and instead decides to “stupefy himself with wine.” Cicero does not strike Caesar, but he does nothing to stop the assassination, either.
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In this episode, the newsreader announces that on the Kalends of February, Caesar will hold a banquet to honor the new senators.
Calpurnia is Caesar’s wife. In this episode, she has a dream containing an omen predicting Caesar’s death. Caesar chooses to ignore this and tells her not to worry. Caesar’s assertions do not put her mind at ease.
Vorena the Elder

In this episode, Vorenus and Niobe discuss finding a husband for Vorena. She wants to marry for love, but her parents are insistent on finding her a rich old man, telling her that love takes time. They assure her that if she is an obedient and virtuous wife, then love will come.

Cassius is one of the conspirators in the plan to assassinate Caesar. He, along with Brutus, leads the conspiracy.
Cimber is one of the senators involved in the conspiracy to assassinate Caesar. He is the first to approach Caesar in the senate house, and it is he who signals the attack.
Casca is one of the senators in the conspiracy to assassinate Caesar. It is Casca who delivers the first blow to Caesar.
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Head Priest
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Slave Trader
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Eleni is a loyal servant to Servilia. In this episode, she is the one that informs Vorenus as to the true identity of his grandson.
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