Classics Courses
The Classics Department offers a full range of courses in the ancient languages at every level each semester. Elementary Greek and Elementary Latin prepare students to read Greek or Latin with emphasis on grammar, vocabulary, morphology and syntax. Intermediate Greek and Intermediate Latin train students to use skills learned in Elementary to translate original texts through a survey of Greek or Latin literature. Advanced courses in Greek and Latin focus on individual authors or genres.
Courses in Translation
The Classics Department offers a variety of courses in translation which count as electives and fulfill requirements of the Classics certificates. Classical Mythology: Gods and Classical Mythology: Heroes provide students with a thorough survey of classical myth and its enduring legacy in Western Civilization. Classical Archaeology serves as an introduction to the methodology of field archaeology. Etymology through a study of common Greek and Latin roots of English words strengthens students' vocabulary and reading comprehension. Ancient Law examines the principles, workings, history, and influence of the legal systems of the ancient Greeks and Romans. For students desiring to travel abroad in the Summer, both the Classics Study Tour and Classical Archaeological Internship give them the opportunity to experience the landscapes and remains of the Classical World in person.
CL101-102 Elementary Greek
CL201-202 Intermediate Greek
CL301 Greek Historiography
CL302 Greek Philosophy
CL310 Greek Epic
CL314 Greek Tragedy
CL315 Greek Comedy
CL317 Greek New Testament
CL319 Greek Special Topics
CL419 Greek Seminar
CL103-104 Elementary Latin
CL205-206 Intermediate Latin
CL321 Latin Prose Composition
CL322 Latin Prose Comp. II
CL323 Vergil
CL324 Cicero
CL330 Roman Epic Poets
CL331 Roman Comedy
CL332 Roman Lyric Poets
CL333 Roman Elegiac Poets
CL336 Roman Philosophy
CL340 Silver Age Latin
CL342 Imperial Historiography
CL346 Post Classical Latin
    in translation
CL231 Survey of Greek Lit.
CL232 Survey of Latin Lit.
CL250 Classics Special Topics
CL258 Etymologies
CL261 Ancient Athletics
CL275 Intro to Archaeology
CL276 Survey of Archaeology
CL280 Archaeology Internship
CL281 Study Tour
Language Courses