Classics Projects
The Classics department sponsors an excavation of an Etrusco-Romano site located 8 miles northwest of Orvieto, Italy. The site has evidence of occupation from the Etruscan period to the late Antique.  This May/June, Prof. George is again leading a team of students to participate in the excavation and to learn first hand the principles of Archaeology.  
began as a collaborative web effort produced First Semester 1998-9 at Saint Anselm College by members of the CL50: Latin Biography Seminar. The goal of this project is to create a web resource which provides source materials and analyses for the BBC production of I, Claudius. Each episode is documented to show what is supported by ancient evidence or by the Graves novels and what is not. Currently Professor Linda Rulman and a team of student editors are editing materials for Episodes 6 & 7.
Projects provide interested students with the opportunity to work closely with faculty members in a less formal extracurricular setting, to acquire added skills relating to the discipline and to delve deeply into areas of special interest.