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Department of Physics

The Applied Physics Major

Department Chairperson: David V. Guerra

Assistant Professor:    Jeffrey W. Schnick
Associate Professor:    David V. Guerra
Laboratory Instructor:  Mrs. Kathleen Shartzer

     The applied physics major offered by the Department of Physics provides students the opportunity to develop a firm grounding in the concepts and procedures of physics and to focus on one particular aspect of the science.  The major is comprised of 10 core courses, a choice of one of three four-course tracks, and a capstone research requirement.

The ten core courses are: Classical Physics I & II (PS: 29& 30), Modern Physics (PS 31), Dynamics (PS 42); Calculus I, II & III (MA: 07, 08, & 11), Differential Equations (MA 22), Linear Analysis (MA 31); and Computer Programming I (CS 09).

The three tracks are: Engineering Science, Experimental Emphasis, and Analytical Emphasis.

Career Options:

      As a graduate of a well-respected liberal arts college, Saint Anselm College students find fulfilling and successful work in both the private and public sector.  As an Applied Physics major you will develop the analytical skills needed in today's workforce, while you gain  the writing and communications background central to our service-based economy.  Physics majors from around the country have found work at consulting firms, software-development houses, investment firms, patent law offices, schools, and in the traditional high tech sector.
     For those interested in careers in physics research and development, a graduate degree is usually necessary.  Unlike many other disciplines, there are a great many fellowships available for students to pursue graduate work in physics with tuition covered and stipends provided.

For Further Information

        Please refer to the most recent College Catalogue for sample schedules and additional course information or contact Dr. David Guerra, Chair of the Department of Physics, 3200 Goulet Science Center, Ext. 7142, E-mail:

A sample schedule of an Applied Physics Major:
Freshman - Fall                              Freshman - Spring
1.Hum I                                     1. Hum II
2.Eng 3                                      2. Eng. 4
3.MA-7                                     3. MA-8
4. PS-29                                    4. PS-30
5.Lang.                                      5. Lang.

Sophomore - Fall                       Sophomore - Spring
1.Hum III                                     1. Hum IV
2. Phil/Theo or CH 11                  2. Phil/Theo
3. PS31                                       3. Elective or CH 12
4. MA11                                     4. MA22
5.Lang.                                        5. Lang.

Junior - Fall                               Junior - Spring
1. Phil/Theo                               1. Phil/Theo
2. Phil/Theo or CS-09                2. PS-46 or CS-10
3. MA-31                                  3. PS-42
4. CH-11 or 37 or PS-45          4. CH 38 or Elective
5. Elective                                 5. Elective

Senior - Fall                             Senior - Spring
1. Phil/Theo                             1. Phil/Theo
2. PS-41 or MA-23                 2. PS-43 or Elective
3. CS-09 or Elective                3. Elective
4. Elective                                4. Elective
5. Elective                                5. Physics Research


Descriptions of these courses appear in the Catalogue Listings. For further information on the Applied Physics major please contact the department chair, Dr. David Guerra, directly at:

Address: Department of Physics

Saint Anselm College
100 Saint Anselm Drive
Manchester, NH 03102-1310

Phone: (603) 641-7142

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