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Does Participation in Research Methods Influence Reflective Judgment Performance?

The participation in higher education is an time consuming and costly adventure. Hence, should produce some beneficial outcomes. One method of measuring educational outcomes is though the post-formal operations theory of Reflective Judgment. It was hypothesized that participation in an experimental program would increase studentís reflective judgment scores. The reflective judgment levels of thirty-one junior and senior psychology students of a northeaster, catholic, liberal arts college were assessed by a survey developed specifically for this study. The senior participantís reflective judgment scores were assessed during the second semester of the required two semester experimental program. Juniors were used as a control group for this study, and their reflective judgment scores were assessed before the first semester of the experimental program. The average reflective judgment score for seniors was found to be 5.67 and for juniors was 5.06. A significant between group difference was found. This suggests that participation in the experimental program does have an influence on reflective judgment. However, further investigation is necessary to discount other variables

Keywords: Reflective Judgment, Post-formal Operations, Cognitive Development, College Students