Saint Anselm College - Department of Psychology
Senior Thesis Homepages - 2004

Listed here are the sites of Saint Anselm College, 2004,  Senior Psychology Majors' web pages of their theses.
Students email addresses will be active until the completion of the 2003-2004 academic year.   After that time you may reach a
student by contacting our department secretary Barbara Bartlett at


Bartkiewicz, Jamie Champney, Jacob Francini, Peter Lewis, Jessica Preston, Keith Shannon, Christopher
Blanchard, Brianna Davis, Jessica Hall, Kathleen Lovell, Bethany Reddish, Jennifer Shumway, Brittany
Brodeur, Michael Dick, Betsey Keane, Kristen  Malone, Stacey Rondeau, Danielle Santiago, Matthew
Bubier, Jennifer Doyle, Katherine Lantaigne, Amy Martin, Heather Scannell, Caitlin Sparkes, Lauren
Carson, Jennifer Fielding, Ryan LaRoche, Katie Murphy, Elizabeth Scola, Kristen White, Jennifer