If you are eligible to participate in the Federal Work Study (FWS) program, your allotment will be included in your financial aid package and an additional authoriztion letter will arrive via campus email in August. Be sure to keep the email authorization letter as proof of work study eligibility; you must present it to your hiring department.

If you have any questions about the amount of FWS you received in your financial aid package, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at (603) 641-7110 or at financial_aid@anselm.edu.

What is Federal Work Study?

FWS is money awarded to you as part of your financial aid package funded by the Federal government and the college. It provides funds that are earned through part time employment at the college.

FWS makes you eligible to earn a specified amount of money for working on campus.  Through work study you earn a paycheck every two weeks.

Although work study students are eligible to earn a specified amount of money, this eligibility does not guarantee employment or earnings. The college tries to employ as many students as possible.

The hiring process is the same for FWS and Student Payroll (STU) positions. However, as a work study recipient, you should know the amount of money available to you and keep track of how much you earn throughout the year. If you have questions about how much money you have remaining contact financial aid at (603) 641-7110 or at financial_aid@anselm.edu.