Saint Anselm College has enhanced its emergency notification system to include a text messaging service that works in concert with an outdoor siren and public address system, as well as, broadcast college voicemail and email messages.

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The new text messaging system will relay emergency notifications to a cell phone or personal e-mail account. With this system, the college’s Office of Safety and Security can notify the campus community of an emergency, provide instructions on how to proceed, and announce when an emergency has ended. All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to sign up for this service.

How to Register

In the username and password fields, type in the following information:

  • Username: Same as email (without "")
  • Password: Student ID number (found on back of student ID) /or employee number (found on paystub)

(If you do not know this number, click on "FORGOT PASSWORD?" and a new password will arrive in your email.)

Click on "Services" at the top of the page and enter your cell phone information. A Validation Code will be sent to your cell phone/email. You must enter the code in the space provided to activate your account. College e-mail addresses have already been entered into the system. You may enter additional email addresses and cell phones to your account.

Emergency Alerts Sent to the Following

  • Cell phone with SMS messaging enabled
  • Personal email
  • Blackberry, iPhone, or other “smartphone”
  • Text pager

(Note: Standard text messaging charges will apply to your phone)

College email addresses will automatically be entered into the system regardless of whether or not someone signs up for additional forms of message reception.

Public Address System

For those who are not near a computer or cell phone when a crisis occurs, the college also has also installed a siren and public address system. This outdoor system is capable of alerting people on the quad, athletic fields, the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, and anywhere else on campus that an emergency is occurring. Through the public address system, college officials can announce instructions and let the campus know when all is clear.