Majors & Minors and Special Programs

Saint Anselm offers 45 majors and 52 minors as well as several pre-professional programs to prepare students for advanced studies in engineering, dentistry, law, medicine, and theology. Whether you're technically minded, artistically gifted, politically inspired, or socially conscious, at Saint Anselm College, you'll find a direction.

Student in library

Academic Core, Curriculum, Conversatio

The academic core at Saint Anselm has been designed to give students a breadth of experience to prepare them for life. This is where things get interesting; where you'll make connections between the scientific and the philosophical, the artistic and the theological. As a first-year student in Conversatio, our Humanities Program, you'll be introduced to the perennial questions faced by human kind. Equipping students with a foundation of knowledge, Conversatio is the heart of our academic program.

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Faculty Expertise

There's one in every classroom: a faculty member dedicated to your success. Saint Anselm faculty will know you, have time for you, and help you reach your goals.

Our 153 full-time professors are experts in their field; they're researchers, writers, sometimes political commentators, and first and foremost, always teachers. With small classes and zero teaching assistants, our professors care about what you're learning.